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हे guys, it's me again. I just want आप to know that Magica has made 2 लेखाए here, Avril Is Misunderstood and Something Avril प्रशंसकों Should Realize. So I recommend पढ़ना there 2 articles. आप will प्यार it.

I didn't want to accept it myself या Magica, of course, and I know that no one else here will either, but I think Avril's days of huge success are over. She is no longer appreciated द्वारा the general public. I thought she might've made a big comeback with Goodbye Lullaby, but obviously that hasn't gone so well 3 years ago, even though both singles released so far are upbeat and catchy. I...
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Avril on social media:

Ever since our world was turned upside down a few weeks पूर्व I’ve seen everyday people put on their armor and go into battle. Simple tasks like delivering mail has become a heroic effort. ⁣

Overnight everyone was asked to battle. ⁣

Overnight everyone became Warriors. ⁣

I wanted to get involved and contribute so I got to work in the studio and I want to dedicate this to all of you. I re-recorded Warrior to reflect our current world and all the amazing heroic things you’re all doing. To all the hospital workers, postal service people, grocery store workers,...
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i just found some interesting facts about Avril Lavigne & I thought of sharing this with you....

• Avril was parodied in Good Charlotte's video, "Girls and Boys".
• Michelle Lavigne appears in the Sk8er Boi video.
• Avril got free Osiris sneakers at the mall where the Complicated video was shot.
• Avril's cousin, Martine Filion (29) travelled to Ottawa (from Napanee) just to see Avril perform.
• Avril fixed her hair in braids all around her hair when she was in 11th grade.
• Avril's a hopeless romantic. She can't wait to get married and wear a veil.
• Avril is good फ्रेंड्स with...
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 Rodney Howard
Rodney Howard
Exclusive Interview With Rodney Howard (Avril's Drummer)Thanks to @AvrilLavigneUK

1. What’s the country that u’d like to perform in the most with Avril a country that uve never been to (I’m Myriam from Lebanon)

Ha! Well I promise I’m not saying this because where you’re from “Myriam from Lebanon”, (I see your tweets all the time, द्वारा the way!) but I really would like to play in Middle East. I’m really lucky that I’ve gotten to see so much of the world in my career, but the Middle East (as well as Africa) is a place I’ve always wanted to see, but have never had the chance. Most...
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ALavigne.com.br did an exclusive interview with Spencer Hill, the cute guy who chases Avril on "What the Hell" संगीत video! He's seems to be a really nice guy. :)

Check it out! Hope आप like it!

ALBR: Did आप met Avril Lavigne before? How did they approach आप for the role in "What the Hell" संगीत video?
SPENCER: i had never met avril before the shoot but we have a lot of फ्रेंड्स in common. i was pleased to find out that she is an absolute sweetheart and we had a great time filming for a few days.

as is the case with most अभिनय jobs, i had an audition for the video and received a call the night...
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Many of आप guys will say that Avril Lavigne went through something of a dark age at some point in time. The dark age is usually कहा to be the why The Best Damn Thing and Goodbye Lullaby's delays लॉस्ट her fans. To me, Under My Skin is where Avril Lavigne went downhill as Under My Skin is और suited with The Best Damn Thing and Goodbye Lullaby than pairing with Let Go which all your प्रशंसकों prefer for me.

It's not that people prefer that album along with Let Go over The Best Damn Thing, Goodbye Lullaby या her fifth album, but to me, RCA butchered Arista's Under My Skin causing her 2004 singles...
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 Looks like she needs the किस of life! Avril Lavinge looked stiff and bored as her boyfriend Brody Jenner leaned in for a किस at बोआ Steakhouse last night
Looks like she needs the kiss of life! Avril Lavinge looked stiff and bored as her boyfriend Brody Jenner leaned in for a kiss at Boa Steakhouse last night
She was either exhausted या perhaps just not in the mood.

But whatever the case, Avril Lavinge looked stiff and bored as her boyfriend Brody Jenner leaned in for a किस with the 26-year-old Canadian singer.

Staring at the ceiling, the pop rock singer was anything but interested in getting affectionate with the 27-year-old former Hill's तारा, स्टार at बोआ Steakhouse last night.

Looks like she needs the किस of life! Avril Lavinge looked stiff and bored as her boyfriend Brody Jenner leaned in for a किस at बोआ Steakhouse last night

The couple were enjoying a low-key रात का खाना at the eatery when Brody attempted...
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Avril Lavigne is on the mend following an attack in L.A. early Sunday (Nov. 6). Lavigne's boyfriend, Brody Jenner (of MTV's "The Hills" fame) reported to police that he was hit with a smashed bottle outside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, while Lavigne detailed her injuries on her Twitter account.

Los Angeles police Sgt. Keith Green कहा Monday (Nov. 7) that Jenner filed a police रिपोर्ट of assault with a deadly weapon after being hit.

According to Lavigne's Twitter, she was "attacked द्वारा five people last night out of nowhere... My face is f*cked." She added: "As in, black eye, bloody nose, hair ripped out, scratches, bruises and cuts. So not OK to be abusive to others. Violence is NEVER the answer."

Jenner tweeted his own experience, saying: "Interesting Saturday night... Just got of the hospital with a new scar on my face.. Charges/chargers!!!"
posted by PeterMWou
As आप all know that we spent a weekend listening to only Avril Lavigne albums to figure out where it all went wrong.

It’s hardly surprising when a pop तारा, स्टार becomes a punchline. A life in the public eye is challenging at the best of times, let alone in a digital age when scorn and mockery are easy tactics to cope with mass culture’s persistent attempts to tell us what to buy/consume/listen to. Some pop stars manage to rebound from the jokes; others get buried under them.

The punchlines have been chasing Avril Lavigne for some time now. They’re inevitable when Avril Lavigne suddenly announce...
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posted by viju
Skater Punk
"I like being a minor because आप can't get into trouble. Now I just have to try and behave myself." Avril Lavigne
Skater-punk, dynamic spirit, and a true wild child, Avril Lavigne (nickname from her official site) was tossed toward stardom with her 6 times platinum and Grammy nominated debut album, "Let Go" (2002). The album spawned the big hit singles, "Complicated," "Sk8er Boi," as well as the Grammy nominated "I'm With You" and "Losing Grip." Teen punk-rock sensation Avril later gained और recognition with her सेकंड album, the double platinum "Under My Skin" (2004),...
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posted by Shassie
Hi guys im now starting to write down avril lyrics and post them :)

Uh huh, life's like this
Uh huh, uh huh, that's the way it is
Cause life's like this
Uh huh, uh huh that's the way it is

Chill out, whatcha yellin' for?
Lay back it's all been done before
And if आप could only let it be
आप will see

I like आप the way आप are
When we're drivin' in your car
And you're talking to me one on one
What you've become

Somebody else, round everyone else
You're watching your back, like आप can't relax
You're tryin' to be cool, आप look like a fool to me
Tell me

Why do आप have to go and make things so...
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posted by RnBStar13
Just take it take it.
Can't take it take it.

I know what आप do, flash me.
The way it's done, impolitely.
Just tying to find, some alone time.
No room to compromise.

Just take it take it.
Can’t take it take it.

So sell your picture to a magazine,
And they डिज़ाइन true photography.
Is that what आप always wanted to be,
Well I’d be worried for you.

Gotta try,
Run and hide,
Get away from this.
I'll get by,
In this life,
This time.

Take your best shot, impress me.
Write a fictional story, for your fee.
Try to get the world, to believe.
Shocking headline surprise.

Just take it take it.
Can’t take it take...
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posted by modrockz
I'm sorry if this hurts you,
but I tried to keep what we had once,
I was wrong it wasn't keeping me awake,
you didn't listen आप didn't listen
you didn't hear me आप didn't hear me
when I कहा I want और I got no more,
you weren't stealing me away.

Its not enough its not enough to give me what it is I want
its not enough its not enough to get me everything I need
and I wish it was I think its time to give this up.

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow
All the memory's that were losing
all the time that I spent with आप everyday
I think is running down the drain
I'm feeling that were fading
don't make this as hard...
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posted by viju
I'm sorry
If this hurts you
But I tried to keep what we had once I was wrong
It wasn't keeping me awake
You didn't listen (you didn't listen)
You didn't hear me (you didn't hear me)
When I कहा I want more
I got no more
You were stealing me away

It's not enough, it's not enough to get me
What it is I want
It's not enough, it's not enough to get me
Everything I need
And I, I wish it was
I think it's time
To give this up

Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh


All the memories
That we're losing
All the tine that I spent with आप everyday
I think it's running down the drain

I'm feeling (feeling)
That we're fading
Don't make...
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Just found this लेख on the "Much संगीत Video Awards" website. I though I might share this great लेख here.
Between, I'm so excited that Avril's being nominated again this साल for MMVAs. I've always loved these kinda award shows. So, I'd love...I guess we all would प्यार if Avril wins. So just vote..'cause आप know..Avril is AWESOME! :D

Yes, changing your hair colour from video to video is totally awesome, but our girl Avril’s waaaaay और then her looks. A rocker, pop princess, rebel and punk she’s totally earned her cred with every subculture she’s sung for. Take a look at the...
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posted by viju
 Soooo sweet!!
Soooo sweet!!
"Trying to figure out this life .”

"Life is like a roller coaster, live it, be happy, enjoy life.”

“I don't believe war is a way to solve problems. I think it's wrong. I don't have respect for the people that made the decisions to go on with war. I don't have that much respect for Bush. He's about war, I'm not about war - a lot of people aren't about war.”

"My dream was always to hop up on stage in front of my प्रशंसकों every night and perform.”

“To understand me, आप have to meet me and be around me. And then only if I'm in a good mood - don't meet me in a bad mood.”

“I'm just coming...
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Now most of us consider Avril Lavigne to be a punk rock aritst… but according to herself, she says shes और of a pop/rock artist… but thats not the point guys… ever wondered why people eat what they eat?

I mean come on guys… look at all the varieties of खाना around us… from end to end in the globe… we’ve got so much to choose from… but varieties apart… did आप know that Avril Lavigne is a VEGAN?!! या at least thats what she portrays herself to be indirectly.

If आप examine all of Avrils public statements, you’ll notice that she never really confesses that shes a vegan, but...
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*Taken from avrilbandaids.com*

As it comes to the end of another musical साल and the beginning of a new one is emerging, मंचों have been creating lists of hype around musicians who are releasing in 2011 या at least will be prominent in 2011. ATRL has officially compiled a सूची of stars for 2011 who will hit the mark and who because of their reputation will flop. Avril Lavigne, तारा, स्टार of Bandaids, was filed under the 'Has-Been' list, which is listed under D-Star. The लेखक pointed out that Avril's lack of communication to fans, lack of musical dedication and her reputation in hollywood is setting...
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Avril voiced her support for Deryck Whibley on Twitter after he opened up about his battle with alcoholism from his hospital bed.

In a post titled 'Rock Bottom,' the 34-year-old Sum 41 rocker, who has been receiving treatment for a month, wrote: "The reason I got so sick is from all the hard boozing I've been doing over the years. It finally caught up to me.

"I was drinking hard every day. Until one night. I was sitting at home, poured myself another drink around midnight and was about to watch a movie when all of a sudden I didn't feel so good. I then collapsed to the ground unconscious."

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What is going on between Avril Lavigne and former husband Deryck Whibley? The couple decided to get divorce last October, and each of them went on with his life.

Until Thursday night. The two of them have been photographed in the back of a limo. According to TMZ.com, that night, the couple left 'Alice in Wonderland' afterparty and carpooled to a लंडन hotel.

Just when we were thinking that Avril was sharing a romance with 'The Hills' तारा, स्टार Brody Jenner! Life is just so complicated!

Avril Lavigne could be back together with her ex-husband Deryck Whibley. Four months after filing for divorce, the...
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