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sam worthington
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I think अवतार is an amazing film to watch and I get headaches watching 3D but this film I got so use to it. When I watched it I found some parts hilarious like when the princess of the people (name memory loss) was teaching the guy to talk her language. I like it when she says something like " naaaa....dee लोल या I think that's what she says. I also found graces अवतार funny but I don't know why. That hair thing when riding जानवर is weird लोल and I प्यार pandora when it glows up when they run and as their feet touch the ground it lights up. I प्यार the "your a baby" line from the princess लोल she's funny.
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Find us on Twitter: @NGTV On this episode of Up Close, Carrie interviews Cameron, Worthington, Saldana, and lang.There's nothing like stripping down and chasing tail through the jungle!
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sam worthington
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carrie keagan
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