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So in my last लेख I mentioned that I wanted to compare two of my प्रिय characters; Azula and Kuvira. And that's just what Imma do.

First and foremost they are both cunning and manipulative. The two of them share that crazy ability to just twist their words to make their will appeal to their opposers. In the way Azula got Ty-Lee to शामिल होइए her side, Kuvira was able to get that one small Earth village on her side.

Likewise both seem to have this large interest with politics and military. They both have very meticulous strategies as to how to take the अगला place. They both want dominance. The...
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Kuvira’s feet sounded rhythmically along the floor. One crossing over the other and then again and again.

The echoes of footfall a reminiscent of things passed…

Of a synchronized dance.

Her dance was lonely now.

She assumed it’d remain that way for quite some time. Her soldiers weren’t exactly fond of dancing, and the ones that were…well they weren’t graceful to say the least.

Kuvira remembered all too clearly dancing with a group. She considered them to be फ्रेंड्स of some sort. They were a close group and their dance never out of sync. And in a way she missed them. But she had to...
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Vocals and lyrics द्वारा Adriana Figueroa (Youtube username: Adrisaurus) पियानो द्वारा calikokat105. Artwork द्वारा ~gladyfaith (deviantART) Enjoy ;)
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