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If a member of A गुलाबी is away, their manager steps up to the plate!
A video पोस्टेड to YouTube of A गुलाबी rehearsing for a live performance has gone viral after प्रशंसकों took notice of their manager's dance moves. The video featured A Pink's manager standing in for member Eunji and performing the dance moves perfectly.

Since being uploaded to YouTube on Oct. 29, the video has been viewed over 1.3 million times.
Eunji's absence, due to her scheduling conflicts relating to her appearance in the KBS Drama "Sassy Go Go," led to the group's manager standing in during the live rehearsal and camera test to...
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A Pink's Bomi Throws The Opening Pitch Of A Baseball Game Between LG Twins And KIA Tigers.

Girl group A Pink's member Bomi threw the opening pitch of a baseball game.

On Sunday, Bomi attended the baseball game between LG Twins and KIA Tigers. She appeared in the LG uniform and threw the first ball of the game.
Bomi showed the perfect pose and threw a powerful pitch on the ground. All players could not hide their awe of Bomi's powerful arms and everyone in the crowd sent her loud cheers and applause. Bomi repaid the cheers with a bright smile.
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