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posted by xRainbowNinjax
Leahs pov.
I really like Shino, his glasses, hair, coat, everything. I must of been spacing out because I felt some hot Ramon poured on my face.
"Naruto!!!Why did आप do that?"
We were on the same team because I'm kakashis sister.
" आप were spacing out. And btw I'm Nar-"
"Yea yea yea, नारूटो Uzimaki( I'm freaking, I can't spell his last name!)" I कहा after hearing it for the hundreth time.
"Do not interrupt Nar-"
"OH MY GOD SHUT UP" I कहा while walking up.
"Naruto's being annoying?" Shino asked.
"Yes, and I have ramon noodled hair"
"I won't even ask who did that"
I giggled, then shivered.
"cold?" he asked
"here" he zipped open his sweater दिखा रहा है his undershirt and took out his arm ."if आप don't mind".
"not one bit." I went under his arm and sweater. It was really warm.
" we would go like this for Halloween." Shino suggested and laughed.
" I would go like a ninja, but then I wouldn"t have a sweater.
He took of his glasses दिखा रहा है his brown dark and beautiful eyes( aren't they brown?) we stared into each others eyes and----
 Nose bleed from chest
Nose bleed from chest
everyone at my school keep asking why do ऐनीमे boys always have nosebleeds?And im tired of it so in this artical i'll explain.But im pretty sure आप all know why.

REASONS WHY explination:
The reason why is beacuse ऐनीमे boys are perverts.
even when they son't want to be one they are.So anyway they get noebleeds for two main reasons.

Reason 1:the first reason is if they see a girl naked.
Reason 2:They see a realy pretty girl and think perverted thoughts.
Those are the two main reasons but theres many और such as finding a girl in ur bed.Or even seeing a pretty girl.Also it could be like in नारूटो when they read perverted books.perverts could be just if they see a big chested girl.And it And आप know they always get beatup after being perverts (which as a girl i would beat them up too!)Well i hope this answerd that सवाल which i know और than half of आप already know.
 nosebleed from naked girl
nosebleed from naked girl
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shugo chara!
ouran high school host club & haruhi suzumiya no yuuutsu
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An ऐनीमे vid with awesome song :)
song :)
go nagai
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