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Another personal opinion about gorgeous boys. :P I want to say, that not every hottie in here is a human boy, but for those who watched Bleach it aint nothing new. I know, that आप will disagree with most of my opinions, but if आप wont like it, आप dont have to read it. :D So please enjoy all these handsome males:

20. ARTURO PLATEADO: most of आप dont know abot him nor didnt I. He is from video game Bleach:Shattered blade. To me, he comes very similiar to Grimmjow, so I think he is kind of hottie. He is calculating strategist and also ruthless warrior with an unrivaled lust of power. ˇHe has...
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This is a सूची of the best and most लोकप्रिय Black haired ऐनीमे Male characters of all time ! Please like and subscribe to the channel Hiroshi Kun 46 if आप do like the content :)
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