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 This is the dream look.
This is the dream look.
Ok everyone, the look is...
founders hat
black long collar
black worn
black long wristband
brown elf tail amour
brown arctic wolf

If आप agree like this article. This look isn't mine its the jammer named


so buddy them trade them become best फ्रेंड्स with them if आप want to.

Incase आप were wondering my user is cookieda
i am on almost everyday, i am a member, and जाम a gram me with saying "your my best buddy" if आप want to be my buddy.

i hope this helped आप get a cool look an animal jam. I know it helped me.
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It is a song and It was combined द्वारा my animal जाम account player I took my player and put it with the song so now it is a song on animal jam! :)
song vid
First of all, if आप think any of these trades are unfair, please don't leave a hate comment, please be polite and say it's unfair and I'll do what I can. So anyway.....

Hey jammers! So today I'll be talking about Animal जाम and spiked collars. So many of आप want a spike कॉलर here, so I'll tell आप fair trades for each color, long and short.

Let's start with short

The claw machine and a short spiked wristband (no black) And add depending on the person
A गुलाबी या purple short collar

Beta वॉलपेपर या flooring, rhino helmet, and a lesser value color short wristband
A short नारंगी, ऑरेंज collar

A long...
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Enjoy. i did not make it
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