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Hi I am a film maker from New Zealand looking for an ani difranco song for my low budget feature film about 7 people that kidnap george w bush and hold him for 8 days. I am applying for a grant from the New Zealand film commission. The characters are iraqi,palestinian,indian,,auss­ie and an american (Willy Rodreguiz, security guard from world trade centre) I was bumped onto flight UA93 that morning but took the flight before the one that crashed in pensylvannia . They have 24 hours each with him. The film is about compassion and forgiveness... I can send the synopsis by email so you can understand the film and its intentions. Because of its sensitive & controversial content this film is made for internet and dvd release only
Other songs are by Pink, 'Mr President'
Public Enemy 'Son of a bad man'
Midnight oil US forces
any idea what song of hers would be good?

please respond as I would love to tell you more
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