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Amy is a two timer who likes to two time.I DID NOT MAKE THIS was uploaded by:SsSoutlaw4SsS,but was found on newgrounds
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so i was looking through all of my wordpad documents and found this story from my 9 साल old sis :] i think its ok but not the best

Amy has a sister?!?!
Amy and her फ्रेंड्स were sitting down at her house talking about robotnik until...."Hey आप guys.what do आप think its like having a little sister आप know for once?"
Soon the others starting cracking up they thought how could Amy ask such a pathetic question?Well except sonic he was the only one who knew about having a sister but she was older than him.Soon sonic कहा
"Amy i think i can answer आप question"Every one looked at sonic and had let...
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