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*sighs*Sonic will never ever प्यार me!!!
the अगला day....
Amy was surprised to get a call from Sonic after she woke up...
Sonic:I need to speak with you,Amy...come to my house later when your ready.ok?
Amy:okay Sonic,whatever आप say...
Amy quickly got dressed and ate a quick breakfast then went to Sonic's house...
Sonic:Hey Ames!
Amy:Hi Sonic!What do आप need me here for?
Sonic:Well I never knew I would say this but the the only reason why I treat आप and act around आप is because im trying to hide my feelings...Im scared of my feelings...*pulls out a rose*I प्यार आप Amy Rose and I hope आप still feel the same way too.
Amy:Of course,I still प्यार आप Sonic!
*Amy embraces him with a hug then Sonic kisses Amy and of course Amy kisses him back and it was HAPPY ENDING FOR EVERYBODY!!!
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