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AN: This is my first fanfoc dos pleasce be nice. :D ALSO I DOMT HAVE SPECLLCHECK SRRY!!! ANYOINE WANT TO BE MY EDIOTRY?

Okasy mu n ame is, Jane and i gam new in tworn and i go to this schoo called Plarl Basily Higha whenere all dese other axkids got tool. I Kinda look elike that schikc from Bigh Bang Theory Kalye Culcioo. I was walkjngn down the hall and this stufpid ncoych Lisa Lislver told me i was n ot coolo engoug wto han g out with her, wshich is n fine cause she is bunm. But then i swa likt sethis relaky utre guy and he had fgllase and he was looking ant me i went over to him, but he ran...
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