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When Aiden and Alvin were just toddlers, one day, it was near hybernation time. Alvin decided to look in one path for खाना and let Aiden choose another path. sadly,Aiden became lost. Everyone else was घर after 30 मिनटों of looking for खाना but, not Aiden. Alvin started to become worried and had no idea what happened. As the years went by, Aiden lived द्वारा himself in the cold forest, looking for his own food, and taking care of himself. At age 11, he was found द्वारा a small girl and was taken home. He was nurtured and was well fed later that week. After a महीना went by, he saw this चीपमक, चिपमंक that...
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Theodore sings Brown-Eyed Girl to Eleanor.