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now like i कहा before: i'm not really happy with the new titles on the final 3 sequels. i mean, sure. i'm still gonna watch all 3 of them, cause i'm a Alpha and Omega fan. why wouldn't i? i'm just sayin': they could've made much better titles. that being said, even if the शीर्षक of Alpha and Omega 8 still sounds kinda ridiculous - i mean, Journey to भालू Kingdom? really? - i'm not gonna lie: i actually see hope to this last movie. yea sure, it's called like that for some reason, but what if it's just the name of the place they're talking about, like there's just a lotta bears around there and not a actual kingdom? that'll be stupid. that's what i've been thinking, and i really hope it turns out like that: a place with a lotta bears. another thing i've been thinking about Alpha and Omega 8 is: what if this is the movie we've all been waiting? what if this is the movie that ends the franchise with a bang? and द्वारा that, i mean it might be Humphrey's past या something like that. we've been waiting since the सेकंड movie to know और about Humphrey's backstory, and how he came to be. if that's what the franchise's finale's gonna be like, sign me up! i really hope it turns out like that and not just a cheap, dull sequel with Kate, Humphrey and the पिल्लें just fighting off bears.
anyway that's what i think. but what's your opinion? what do आप think is gonna happen in the last movie? whatever it is, leave it in the टिप्पणियाँ below.
Wish it was longer! I प्यार this song and if I knew how to make वीडियो I would make a longer version of it lol!
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