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This rpg takes place in canada. (As if already known) any amount of players can join.

It will take place in the टिप्पणी दे section. Ill start it off.

A young भेड़िया walks through the forest and suddenly gets attacked.

He was badly injured and needs help fast!

Hemanages to crawl into a cave amnd examin his wounds.

He was bleeding segnificantly and if he didnt patch it fast, he would bleed out.

His left front leg is brocken.

He yells for help a few times. Then slowly enters a comma.

In his dreams he hears "oh my god" wisper.
posted by KopaKiaraKion
There is a white भेड़िया named Snowdrop. As a little pup, she लॉस्ट her parents. She tried to live as a loner, but was just too young. One day, she was found द्वारा a strange adult male. He brought her to his home, where his mate was waiting with a little girl puppy. This was an alpha family. Snowdrop did not expect to be accepted द्वारा them, because she had few memories of her parents, but she knew they emphasized that alphas were stuck-up and hated omegas. The mother did take a liking to her though, and basically adopted the girl. When asked for her name, the little omega simply could not remember...

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