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posted by ZoeyMalik28
Many of the people say Maya/Ezra Fitz/Toby/Mona is A. Yes,it's true. Not about Maya,Ezra,or Toby. But Mona. If it's a spoiler *shrug* This is from Season 2. I've been watching it on Netflix lately. Been wanting Season 3 to come out already though..Mona ends up being A in the very last episode of Pretty Little Liars. Yep. I seriously thought it was Jenna...who knows why? Maybe I'm insane,but I thought Jenna used that damn braille board of hers to type the girls things.But then again A कहा that she/he had As to their name as well. So I immadiently thought of Mona. And at the end when it was...
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