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Were all ROCK STARS!^-^
One dark day,Brianna and Shadow were going out to see awesome या totally missions but they saw a strange house in the middle of the forest..It was cover with मकड़ी webs all over the windows,broke and shaddered glass in the graveyard,skeltons द्वारा the grave and mice wondering around the ground and all old and bad-smelly.They decide to go in and what is inside.
Shadow:*Looks at Brianna and blushes.Grabs Brianna and starts to head inside*Lets go Brianna,U might like it though!>:)
Shadow:hhhmmm nothing so far
Brianna:Yuck they dont know how to keep a house clean!
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Shadow was walking with Brianna holding hands and walked through the fair.
Brianna: This is boring. Let's hit it!
Shadow: Fine.
Shadow and Brianna walked घर and they both went into Shadow's room. Shadow sat on the बिस्तर and Brianna kissed his lips.
Brianna: I प्यार आप Shadow.
Shadow: Hmmhm...same to you.
Shadow stood up and went into the living room and played GH Warriors of Rock.
Shadow: I'm really good.
Brianna came and got another guitar.
Brianna: I good on hard.
Shadow: Let's have a battle.
Brianna: Okay.
They had a battle when Shadow came to the solo Brianna laughed cause she knew he was gonna suck....
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Dama Dawn Daila and Ayami भेड़िया demon
Dama position
a sweet helper
Dawn position
a crazy biter
Daila position
the brains
Ayami position
the bad one
Dama या Drama queen
Dawn या the bird
Daila या the Daila lion
Ayami या the demon of the pack
Looks- all but Ayami looks like Kagome but Ayami looks like her cousin Ayame but और dangerous with her pack and her hair is dye black
all is short temper
powers- all got shades
प्यार interest- all but Ayami प्यार Koga and Shadow but Ayami hates most boys
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I प्यार नींबु पानी, नींबू पानी MOUTH!!!!!8D
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Rockstar: *rocking out*
Bebe भेड़िया Nessie monster and Sangmu lion: *walks in with their instrument *
Bebe: *all black like Rockstar but has a big fond of demons on her outfits*
Nessie: *a blue monster या animal shifter her father is Lock ness monster*
Sangmu: *a lion with brown and नारंगी, ऑरेंज फर with green eyes*
Bebe Nessie and Sangmu: *looks at Rockstar and me*
Kenya and Rockstar: *smiles and waves
Bebe: *a careless wolf*
Nessie: *a shy animal shifter*
Sangmu: *a non talkative lion*
Bebe: hi
Nessie : *waves*
Sangmu: *writes it down*hi
Kenya and Rockstar: *smiles and rocks out*
Sangmu: *on her guitar*
Nessie: *on drums*
Kenya: *on bass*
Bebe: *on key board*
*singing this song link
 my different outfits
my different outfits
 very right Rockstar
very right Rockstar
 Nessie Bebe sangmu
Nessie Bebe sangmu
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It started off as a regular Saturday in Chicago for Brianna and Moonlight..... 'till the Paparazzi came..... and basically ruined it....
Moonlight: UGH!!! >:(
Brianna: Well there goes my Saturday! >:(

The Paparazzi kept asking सवालों OVER AND OVER again!

Man: Moonlight how old are you?
Moonlight: Why do आप care?!? Sheesh such a stalker! *Rolls eyes*
Fat Woman: Brianna is it true that आप were in jail 6 times?
Brianna: NO I was NEVER in jail!! Who told आप that chizz?? >:(
Moonlight: Eww! Gross! NOT in a MILLION years!!! >:(
Nerd: A million and ONE years?...
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in the night when shadow see alice..

shadow : हे alice
Alice : hi shadow *looks sad*
Shadow : are आप ok?
Alice : *looks right*shadow,leave me alone
Shadow : what did i do to you?
Alice : *runs off fast*
Shadow : Alice wait!
Sonic : *seeing alice running and shadow is chaising her*Alice?..

When Alice arrived home..
Alice : *opens the door then enters then locks it*
shadow : *knock knock*
Alice : who is there?
shadow : thats me
Alice : told आप to let me alone!
Shadow : *whispers his self : there something wrong..*
Shadow : Chaos,BLAST!
*the door breaks up and shadow see alice putting her stuff at the bag*
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