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posted by Frizzhead
Wasikowska on "Wonderland"


Mia Wasikowska, the तारा, स्टार of Alice in Wonderland, discussed her experiences working on the phantasmagorical film with the Los Angeles Times.

How did shooting the film feel to the 20-year-old actress? "Isolating," she said, considering that 90% of the shooting was in front of a green screen. Instead of conversing with a कमला, कैटरपिलर या Chesire Cat, Wasikowska had to interact with a bit of sticky tape, a टेनिस ball, or, at best, a cardboard cutout of the कहा character.

"I was basically planted in this sea of green," the Australian actress said. "I really had to use my imagination."

While Alice is 7 years old in Lewis Carroll's original stories, the character is a young woman at the age of 19 in Burton's upcoming film. “She’s grown up a lot and is somewhat a different person, and she’s kind of going back to her roots and discovering herself," कहा Wasikowska.

The actress also talked about her co-star, Johnny Depp, who plays the Mad Hatter.

“I think he’s so ब्रेव and smart with his choices. He can play a crazy character but still give it a core humanity which I think people can identify with,” Wasikowska said.

But as insane as he may be, Wasikowska assured that Alice and the Hatter are allies (and, evidently, are much in the spirit of Tim Burton's other outsider characters). "They"re on the same side," Wasikowska said. "They have an understanding about each other. They both feel like outsiders and feel alone in their separate worlds, and have a special bond and friendship."

Depp tends to prepare for his roles द्वारा drawing his characters, and sought the wild नारंगी, ऑरेंज hair as an allusion to the mercury poisoning (many hatter used mercury to cure felt). Depp previously said, "I think he was poisoned, very, very poisoned, and it was coming out through his hair, through his fingernails and eyes."
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posted by Mysteriamoon
First off, I'm going to make this very clear: Since it's obvious that not everyone on this spot likes this sort of music, the value of the songs is up for debate. Therefore, I am going to base this review not on my opinion of the songs, but rather the arrangement of the CD.

Here is the track listing for the Hot Topic Exclusive version:

1. Alice - Avril Lavigne
2. The Poison - The All-American Rejects
3. The Technicolor Phase - Owl City
4. Her Name is Alice - Shinedown
5. Painting फूल - All Time Low
6. Where's My एंजल - Metro Station
7. Strange - Tokio Hotel & Kerli
8. Follow Me Down 3OH!3...
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Peter's Evil Overlord List was compiled in 1994 द्वारा Peter Anspach as a सूची of things that one should and should not do if they become an evil overlord. The सूची can be found here: link

So how does the Red क्वीन measure up? Not very well actually. I have compiled the following सूची of all the things in the Evil Overlord सूची that she did wrong या didn't do at all.


3. My noble half-brother whose सिंहासन I usurped will be killed, not kept anonymously imprisoned in a forgotten cell of my dungeon. I’m scratching my head at why she didn’t just get rid of Mirana once and for all.

10. I will...
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Heya Frizzhead Here

I decided we needed something to get all the प्रशंसकों really excited....what better than a bit of competition!!
In this case an आइकन and caption contest.

^ all entries must be completely your own ^

***Caption Contest***

A screencap called "Caption Contest" will be uploaded and in the soapbox below put one caption (the wittier the better) below and 2 other judges and i will pick the winner

***Icon Contest***

A मंच will be set up called "icon contest" and आप simply post one of your best आइकनों there in the soapbox(the और original the better)and 2 other judges and i will pick the...
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