Alice & Jasper What if...?

iemand posted on Aug 23, 2010 at 10:42AM
What if Stephenie Meyer would write a book of Alice and Jasper?

What would you like to read in that book?

Something about:
- Jasper's human life?

- Alice's human life?

- More about the newborn army and that lifestyle of Jasper when he was still with Maria.

- How Maria used him and made him do things.

- Things about Alice's transformation?

- The diner moment?

- How Jasper is sufferint :( ?

- A random romantic moment between Alice and Jasper (**,) ? =D

- When they find the cullens?

- or maybe something completely new we never saw or read about?

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And if this would happen, in who's P.O.V would you want it to be? Alice's or Jasper's?

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What do you think?

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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना KathyHalliwell said…
Well, I'd like to see some scenes of both Alice's and Jasper's newborn years; Maria, and Alice searching for Jasper, but overall, I want it to be about them meeting, their relationship after they met, finding the Cullens, etc...


A book set after BD. It could be about someone from Jasper's dark past coming back, seeking for revenge (it could be Maria or anyone one else, really) or maybe something about Alice finding out more about her past... Or something with the Volturi, cause we all know Aro really wants Alice, and also I don't think that the confrontation with the Volturi in BD was the last time they tried to pull a trick. I don't think they just give up that easily, especially Aro.
I think I may want the post-BD book more, cause I've already read so many fanfictions about the first years of their relationship, and I've always wondered what happens after BD. Particularly because of this line: " 'Of course, this isn't over. The Volturi won't forgive what happened here.'
Edward was the one to answer that. 'They've been seriously shaken; their confidence is shattered. But, yes, I'm sure they'll recover from the blow someday. And then . . .' His eyes tightened. 'I imagine they'll try to pick us off separately.'
" (Breaking Dawn, Ch39)
Umm, foreboding, much?
And as to the POV, it really doesn't matter as long as it's about AJ. It could be in third POV, for all I care. Maybe third POV would be the best, because that way we could hear both sides of the story, and occasionally maybe even the other Cullens' thoughts too.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना iemand said…
This is a very good reply,

and I thought about this too now, You're right, they're sooooo many fanfics about Alice finding Jasper. And I really love reading them, but a story about Alice and Jasper after BD sounds interesting yes, alot can happen, Maria could come back like you said, and maybe try to convince Jasper to come back and just go back to his old life-style. She could use tricks for that etc..
Or a story about Alice that the volturi tries to make her to join, they can always find a way, like blackmail or so ;)

this is interesting haha, I'm going to think of things that could happen after BD.. and then i'll post them here, :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना JAlover said…

and yeah that's true there are alot of fanfictions about Alice and Jasper when they first met. But I would still LOOOOOVE it if I Stephenie Meyer would write it!!! I would read that story over and over again haha :D
But just a random book would be AWESOME too, well random, just a story about Alice and Jasper... Doesn't matter about what, cause I know no matter what the story will be about, I'll love it :D haha
A story with Maria in it, i'd like that i think, that would make things sort of like dangerous and exciting.
okay that probably sounds Reeeaaaaaaaaally weird but i have no other way to explain that ahahah.

and I think if there would be a book about Alice and Jasper, then I think i would like it to be in Jasper's POV :)
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Hope_Love said…
aww I want a AxJ book!!!! :D lmao she can write about anything!!! :D
if she would just write it :( lol