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This अलेग्ज़ॅंडर राइबैक चित्र contains कूबड़ा, हंक, त्वचा, skintone, नंगा रंग, आंशिक तन, निहित नग्नता, स्कंटोन, नग्न रंग, आंशिक नग्नता, अव्यक्त नग्नता, छह पैक, पेट, एबी दरार, सपाट पेट, पेटी पेट, and छह पैक abs. There might also be स्विमिंग के शॉर्ट्स, स्नान चड्डी, and तैराकी चड्डी.

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“Rybak believes in the ultrasound of dolphins”

’Today, I swam with the dolphins. Did आप know? Impressions are good, but, honestly, hoping for a और open relationship. The pool was too small. आप can believe या not believe, but true - ultrasound positive effect on people. While sailing with dolphins ultrasonic waves affect the human body. As a result of the improving performance of all body systems. They are कहा to relieve pain, eliminate muscle tension and favorably affect the nervous system. In addition, dolphins are distinguished cheerful disposition and high intelligence. All जानवर have different affects on people. Let's say my dog does not have ultrasounds, but she knows how to cheer up. There are people who believe in hippotherapy. I never was fond of horses, and my dad is professionally engaged in horseback riding. I am very fond of animals! Even लेखन songs about them. In my first album is a song about horses.’
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