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PastaChick posted on Feb 24, 2013 at 06:26PM
Welcome to the Akatsuki Roleplay forum! All Akatsuki characters are welcome, including fan characters. If you are roleplaying with a fan character please include a picture and a short description of the powers they have, weapons, and their past life before they wanted to be ( or now are ) a part of the Akatsuki.

Also no NSFW topics! Keep it clean guys!

If you have any questions or requests for group topics ( such as missions )
please inform me and I`ll do what I can to organize the topic roleplay and create the group.


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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wolfy33 said…
Could I join? :)
Name: Kyo Namikaze
Age: looks about 18
Gender: female
Clan: Namikaze, relative of the fourth hokage
Recent village: hidden leaf
Personality: short-tempered, hard headed, doesn't smile to often, tough attitude, harsh and aggressive at times.
Relatives: dead
Jutsu: Body Flicker Technique, once possessed Rinnegan but was blinded in a terrible accident, and she is a sensory type so her blindness doesn't slow her down.
Weapon: a large scythe that makes a moon shape when held out by its long handle bar
Bio: born with the Rinnegan eyes and flicker technique, Kyo was a very talented young lady. The madness of the Rinnegan slowly consumed her soul over the years from day of birth. by age 10 it had taken control of her mind. The madness drove her to kill her closest family and friends. When she finally gained control of herself, it was to late. The village hokage found out about the kill and decided that this jutsu was to dangerous to exist so he had medical ninja to permanently blind her and she was exiled from the village. She was took in by the Akatsuki organization where she trained.
Other: the Rinnegan comes back once in a while so she has been known to have a murderous reputation~
 Could I join? :) Name: Kyo Namikaze Age: looks about 18 Gender: female Clan: Namikaze, relative