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posted by vergilkurai
We all now how, are air treks are not possible at the time,but we can have the sky kings. The elite fighters, teams, if we all contribute. We need to make a world like air gear, and i may propose that we create that link, the chain, so we can find ourselves. Go out create a team, a fighting team. Each team must have a an emblem of there sign, there must be two leaders, i must further investigate the whole process of the rules and regulations. We can make the difference, आप can be who आप want to be.
this is different than air gear but i promise आप will soar above all others if आप choose the road. Each time is a fighting team, to see who has the दिल and bravery of a "Blade Fighter". Find the right people and we can make this happen, we need this life is running short, there are too much regulations in the authority side, convince someone out there that "Blade Fighters" is the answer.