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"There are certainly a lot of thrilling rides here!", remarked Rosie as she studied the park map. Nicholas replied, "Oh, yes! It's just perfect for a post-graduation party." John added, "That's right, mate! Since we'll be trying out some of them for now, let's reserve the और intense and not for the faint-of-heart ones when we come back." Rosie said, "Sounds good, John. In that sense, we can enjoy those rides और with our other friends." Nicholas nodded in agreement. Paul said, "And now that it's already noon, shall we have lunch first?" Ringo replied, "Sure thing." The group then looked for a place to eat. A few hours later and after allowing their खाना to be fully digested, they had lots of fun in their ride test. The Beatles even met some और young प्रशंसकों and gave out autographs for them while Rosie and Nicholas checked the 4D theater. The remainder of the afternoon was spent playing games in the giant arcade.

Once the group made it to Thorpe Park, they proceeded to book a केबिन before buying their tickets. The संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर process went well, and they were even granted a request to check out the inside of it. There was a fireplace in the living room complete with the usual coffee तालिका, टेबल and couches, a kitchen, and a bedroom with four single beds. Everyone was very impressed with Rosie remarking, "I feel like we'll be going on a camping trip!" Nicholas replied, "I सेकंड that, love. The four beds are perfect for the both of us, Zack, and Bridget." Rosie said, "Yes, indeed." John added, "And there's no better...
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The Beatles, Rosie, and Nicholas got up at around 8 o'clock in the अगला morning. While the others were getting dressed, Rosie decided to fix some pesto, mozzarella, and salami sandwiches for their on-the-go breakfast. She then took her turn afterwards. Once everyone was outside, they were able to catch a bus that goes straight to the park itself. Nicholas remarked, "Now, we don't have to switch buses when we reach Surrey this time!" Rosie replied, "True that, buddy! Would आप like to eat the sandwiches I made, guys?" George said, "Certainly, love. Their aroma is making me hungry, too." Nicholas...
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When the trio's class came to an end, they decided to buy some take-out to share with the Beatles and the Geordie twins. As for the lads, they were on their way back after finishing yet another episode of their radio show. Upon both groups seeing each other, Paul said, "Hi again, mates! Did आप have a good class?" Rosie replied, "Yes, we did, Paulie! Thanks for asking." Zack added, "I'm SO looking आगे to that party at Thorpe Park after my friends' graduation, too!" John replied, "Glad to hear, Zack! We'll be heading there first thing tomorrow morning." Nicholas said, "I'm confident that the entire process here will also be smooth." Rosie said, "Absolutely, buddy. It's going to be one party that'll remain in our memories for years to come." Zack and the Beatles smiled in response. Everyone then returned to the dorm, enjoyed their food, and called it a night after relaxing for a couple of hours.

A महीना later...

Rosie, Nicholas, and Zack were on a lunch break while discussing about the अगला step in preparing for their new life. The latter, along with the Geordie twins, was happy for his फ्रेंड्स after they were able to find a new house and address. Zack said, "So, are we gonna have some kind of special celebration after your graduation ceremony?" Rosie replied, "You bet we will! Tomorrow, Nicholas, the Beatles, and I will be going to Thorpe Park in Surrey to reserve an overnight stay in one of the cabins." Nicholas added, "We'll also explore the park itself and try out some rides." Zack remarked, "Ooh, a party at an amusement park! That sounds super exciting!" Rosie said, "Indeed, it does! This will be a fitting conclusion to our college years as well." Nicholas nodded in agreement. Lunch break soon came to an end, and the trio returned upstairs for the remainder of today's class.

Kelly requested for me to do this yesterday. Today, I am finally doing it, so here it goes.

Kelly, I know आप have been bullied on DeviantArt recently. आप don't deserve to be hurt like that. I'm glad आप blocked him/her and reported the abuse. I do hope he/she gets banned. People like that don't deserve to be on the Internet. He/she is just a sick bastard who has nothing better to do with his/her time.

I want आप to remember that no matter what anyone says about you, आप are a wonderful person. आप have फ्रेंड्स who प्यार आप and care about you. Don't ever forget that.

I admire that despite everything you've been through, आप never became bitter. Don't ever change, Kelly. We would all be devastated if आप did. No matter what bullies think of you, I प्यार आप for you.

Finally, never forget the lyrics to a wonderful Beatles song, "Any time at all, all आप gotta do is call, and I'll be there."

As the mall closed for the night, everyone bought some groceries from the सुपरमार्केट to finish off a busy, yet another enjoyable day. Afterwards, they went to the Tube station for the ride back. Rosie said, "This has been quite a day, my friends! Thanks again for helping me and Nicholas in finding our new home." John smiled and replied, "It was our great pleasure, Rosie, love. I know you're going to enjoy being the new owners of that cottage." Nicholas said, "Indeed, mate! We're on to the अगला step in this big preparation, eh?" George replied, "That's right! We'll be planning out our own celebration after the graduation ceremony now." Rosie replied, "Jolly good! I'm sure that will be a breeze, too." Nicholas added, "Definitely, me darling!" The group then continued relaxing for the rest of the ride while feeling excited in telling their other फ्रेंड्स about the wonderful news.

After relieving themselves in the restrooms, the Beatles, Rosie, and Nicholas proceeded with their mall tour. They did some window shopping at the clothing boutiques as well as the big record store, browsed several पुस्तकें and purchased a home-styling guide at a library, and bought soft pretzels to share with the Geordie twins and Zack back at the dorm. When evening came, they decided to eat रात का खाना at the खाना court, and it was at this point where Rosie and Nicholas finally decided on which new house they will settle in. As they told the lads about this while waiting for their food, George replied...
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"This is another lovely place for us to settle in.", remarked Rosie as the group walked across the neighborhood park. "Yes, it is, love.", added Nicholas. When they reached the residential area, they chanced upon a bungalow-type house which was situated between the फ्लैटों, फ्लैट्स, फ्लैट and also had its own lawn, though it was smaller than the cottage at Holland Park. After John wrote down its details and contact number, he said, "Well, there ya have it! That's three possible new houses. Now, आप just have to choose which of them you'd like the best!" Rosie replied as she took yet another photo, "That's right!...
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The group had a delicious lunch of tuna melts, salt and vinegar potato crisps, and अंगूर soda while sitting at an alfresco dining area. Once they finished everything, they resumed their walk to Shepherd's Bush. Rosie remarked, "Those tuna melts were so filling!" Nicholas replied, "I know, right?! I think we might need to go to the loo after checking the अगला house." Rosie replied, "I सेकंड that, buddy." John said, "I'm sure this walk will also lessen the fullness of our stomachs." Nicholas replied, "Yes, it certainly will." Just then, they were greeted द्वारा a group of kids who were riding on...
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It was almost noon as the Beatles, Rosie, and Nicholas explored the Flat complex. This had been interesting for them, and they saw both which were occupied and vacant. John once again wrote down some of the details and contact numbers for those on sale. Nicholas said, "Yep. We can consider any of these flats, too." Rosie nodded in agreement while she took चित्रो of them. She then replied, "Yeah, buddy. That's two potential new homes down, one to go!" Ringo said, "Indeed! And since it's exactly lunch time now, shall we return to where we started and grab a bite at one of the restaurants before proceeding to Shepherd's Bush?" Paul replied, "Sure thing, Ritchie. All this walking has made me hungry again as well." George added, "You and me both." Rosie, Nicholas, and John agreed. With that, they returned to their starting point to find a good place to eat during the break.

After walking for ten minutes, the group came across a two-storey cottage that was being put up for sale. Except for the paint that had been chipping off due to age, it seemed to be in good condition overall. Rosie said, "This house has a cute, पुराने ज़माने का, पुराने जमाने charm. What do आप think, Nicholas?" He replied, "I'd have to agree with that, darling. It's complete with a wide lawn, too, which is great for Timothy to play in." Rosie nodded and remarked, "That's for sure. I think we can consider this as our new home. What it just needs is a new कोट of paint." John said, "You have my word there. I just took note of its details along with the contact numbers from the sign." Nicholas replied, "Thanks a lot, mate!" John replied, "Anytime, chap!" Rosie proceeded to take चित्रो of the cottage as well as the lawn. Afterwards, they resumed their walk to check out the flats.

"We're here!", exclaimed Nicholas as the bus made a stop at the Holland Park station. Everyone then got off with the lads leading the way for the search. Rosie said, "It's very calm and peaceful here! Seems like a nice little spot to retreat from the busy city life." Nicholas replied, "I think so, too, love." George added, "And it's quite a good location as well. There's a nearby Tube station, some quirky restaurants and cafes, a bookstore, and even a grocery store." Rosie replied, "Oh, yes. We can see them." Nicholas added, "Just bloody perfect!" George said, "I know!" Ringo added, "I think you'll प्यार it here, mates!" Rosie said, "That's for sure!" She then took some चित्रो of the neighborhood with her camera. Afterwards, the group continued their walk into the residential area.

Two months before college graduation...

Now that preparations for their new life were in full swing, the Beatles, Rosie, and Nicholas began the खोजिए for a new house with a hearty breakfast at one of the campus restaurants. Rosie told the lads as they ate, "It's such an honor to have आप as part of our post-college journey." Nicholas added, "Yes, indeed! The process will certainly be a smooth one." John smiled and replied, "That's what I like to hear, me mates! Little Tim will be getting some exercise in this house search, too." Timothy barked in agreement. Paul said, "And in case you're wondering...
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This is a special request from Kelly. I am fulfilling this request. Without further ado, I'll get started.

We have reached another Valentine's दिन and another wonderful साल of friendship. There is nothing I value और than friendship, and I am very glad we are friends.

This साल will officially make four years since our friendship began. That's as long as high school, but it's a lot और pleasant of an experience. From the दिन we met, आप have always been kind to me. I try my best to do the same.

Thank आप for your friendship. Thank आप for all the times you've supported me. Thank आप for everything, Kelly. Happy Valentine's Day.

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thomas the tank engine
Hi, all! Kelly here. This is a follow-up to my संगीत Q&A सूची as inspired द्वारा Kayla. So, without further ado, let's hop right into it!

1. How often do आप like to listen to music? I listen to it as regularly as I can.

2. Where do आप listen to music? I usually listen to संगीत while hanging out at a cafe.

3. Who is your प्रिय singer? My प्रिय singers are George Harrison (Yes, I प्यार him both as a Beatle and as a solo artist!), Michael Jackson, Rick Astley, and Bob Dylan.

4. Which is और important to you, संगीत या TV? Definitely Music. I've banned myself from watching TV years ago, and...
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