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The  The अगला Step Club
Season 6!!!!
Hey guys, anyone else excited for season 6. iv seen it if you haven't I highly recommend it. introducing Summer, Finn, Kenzie, Lily, Davis and miss Angela. Party for season 6
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The  Rebirth हीरोस of Dragon Club
Scenario Pleague Campaign
  GM: maskugatiger SYNOPSIS This world is a parallel world that is interconnected, where in this initial episode, we are in our present world that experiences endless chaos and war and swallows billions of lives to be victims and killed. and the world is on the verge of destruction where World War 3 occurs. and we try to survive this day of destruction dunia ini adalah dunia paralel yang saling terhubung, dimana di episode awal ini,kita berada di dunia kita sekarang yang...
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The Zoey (Pokemon) Club
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The Young Justice OC'S!!! Club
GENERAL Full Name: Babylon  Nickname: Barbara Lon, Robert Lon; Babs Gender: Female Place of Birth:  St. Paul’s Cathedral (No longer Catholic I believe) in London; burned down 3 months later in the Great Fire of London Birthday: June 6, 1666  Currently living in: New York  Species/Race: Human - Demon Hybrid  Ethnicity: European  Occupation: Currently - CEO of companies + Scientist; for anything prior, ask her about it  Sexual Orientatio...
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The वंडर पेट्स Club
Lola Loud
Lola Loud
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The laura1233214 Club
Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring--it was peace
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The Yoshi Club
T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas
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The Elmo Club
Elmo is my life.
Elmo is my best friend he is god and he is amazing.
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The justinewaddell Club
Culture is Integral Part and Important in Cinema- Justine Waddell
Actor Justine Waddell works to conserve and promote classic Russian and Eastern European cinema. She is the director and founder of the Kino Klassika Foundation and organizes screenings, exhibitions, restorations, and publications to spread appreciation for Russian language and Eastern cinema. For more info, visit https://www.calvertjournal.com/articles/show/10673/kino-klassika-justine-waddell-interview  
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The BestAgario Club
Best Agario Web Sites - Unblocked Agario Pvp Servers
There are lots of agario pvp server but some of them good enough to have a nice game experience and some of them are really bad. As you may know agario pvp server is just like original agar.io game but the difference is lots of free premium skins, some extra agario mods and unblocked agario features. Let me share some best agario websites also which are as unblocked agario pvp servers: Agarpop Agariounblocked    
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The phutthimet Club
phutthimet lophithak tor
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The Riku114 Club
Other Special Titled Characters
KINGS OF ANIME Misogi Kumagawa from Medaka Box \ Akashi Seijurrou from Kuroko no Basket Hibari Kyoya from Katekyo Hitman Reborn Kano Shuuya from Kagerou Project Nagito Komaeda from Danganronpa 2 WAIFUS Sui Feng from Bleach Luka Megurine from Vocaloid Aika Fuwa from Zetsuen no Tempest Peko Pekoyama from Danganronpa 2 Shura Kirigakure from Blue Exorcist Celeste from Huniepop Cynthia from Pokemon Azami fr...
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The Lulu Wilson Club
Any fans are allowed to post Lulu's pictures, videos and news articles. Please DO NOT post pictures / videos from paparazzi that shows miss Lulu in the situation that she looks uncomfortable, depressed, cornered, and stuff like that. Please DO NOT post pictures / videos from her Instagram, because those are all her personal stuff and if we do really want to see those pictures, we can easily follow her account and enjoy each one of them straightly from there. Please share / post p...
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The mugiwaraoficial Club
Piratas do Chapéu de Palha
<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Os  </font></font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Piratas do Chapéu de Palha</font></font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;"> , também são classificados como  </font></font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align:...
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The स्पाइस गर्ल्स Club
But it would be nice 
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The Stuart-Matthew Club
Stuart Matthew Biography
Harsh Chandra (born August 01, 1998 in Prayagraj, India), better known professionally as Stuart Matthew is an Indian YouTuber and Singer-songwriter belongs to Hindu-christian family. Matthew began his career by filming himself singing on his YouTube channel. In Feb 2016, his first single "Faith" was nominated for Best Pop Artist in India's biggest independent award, Radio City Freedom Awards. His cover of Good For You made him listed in Top 10 YouTube Singers Similar to Selena G...
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The डिज़्नी प्रिन्सेस Club
The Official and Unofficial Disney Princesses
Snow White Hair-Black Eyes-Brown Skin-Pale White Lips-Red Family-The Prince Friends-Doc, Dopey, Happy, Grumpy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Bashful Enemie-The Queen Movie-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Cinder
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The namthanhtravel Club
Đôi nét về Nam Thanh Travel
Nam Thanh Travel - Công ty cổ phần du lịch và xây dựng Nam Thanh được thành lập vào ngày 01/10/2004 với quy mô từ 50-100 thành viên. Trụ sở chính tại số 51 Đào Duy Từ - Phường Hàng Buồm – Quận Hoàn Kiếm – Thành Phố Hà Nội. Công ty chủ yếu kinh doanh về các ngành nghề như: Đại lý bán vé máy bay, dịch vụ lưu trú, nhà h&...
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The pinkdeer Club
My favorite Kpop groups
1. Loona 2. Cherry Bullet 3. Kara 4. AOA 5. EXID
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The  Ghost Adventures प्रशंसक Club Club
I'm 41 big fan l love Ur show I'm also in a wheelchair I want to met u I'm amber  from Tucson Arizona   
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The Blizzard's Overwatch Club
Description D.Va is known as Hana Song (her real name) is a 19 year old professional gamer (formerly). She is also the Mech Pilot in Overwatch. Her role on Overwatch is Tank hero in Heroes selection on the game. Her health points for Pilot is 150 and Mech is 400. It is like you have two lives. Not to mention that her armor is 200 for her Mech. Abilites Eject!: Even though the icon is on only in the Hero Details but D.Va ejects out of Mech when the Mech health went down to zero.  ...
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The long99hb Club
tumblr candy crush saga
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The spoorti1509 Club
Lead battery recycling is the need of the hour
Lead batteries are used to power up cars, buses, boats recreational vehicles and electric wheelchairs too. A lead battery is used on a large scale for telecommunication systems. Even though these are extensively used, at a point these need to be recycled. Why is it a need for Lead-acid battery recycling? Unless we carry out recycling of  Lead-acid spent batteries certain hazardous components pose a potential risk to nature and the human race. Every single and minute part of a lead aci...
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The Max Baldry Club
Hi max
Hi max baldly how are you doing today and I love your video and pictures on you tube  hope to here from you soon  Michael bowen  
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The RJ_Wolf_Ranger Club
With the courage of a wolf ~ Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger! Robert "RJ" James is the Jungle Fury Rangers' mentor. He later becomes Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger or simply Wolf Ranger of the Jungle Fury Rangers. He is the owner of the Jungle Karma Pizzeria and practices martial arts privately. He is later retroactively referred to as Jungle Fury Purple Ranger, though this is in reference to the show and his color, as opposed to being a proper label. Early Life RJ was born the...
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The frankenwolf Club
Sigyn Odinson
Sigyn Odinson (nn esiste) nn è il suo nome e poi nn è 1 asi  
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The ayman1976 Club
توكيل صيانة اريستون
<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style = "vertical-align: inherit؛"> <font style = "vertical-align: inherit؛"> صيانة اريستون مصر </ font> </ font></font></font> <font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style = "vertical-align: inherit؛"> <font style = "vertical-align: inherit؛"> http://www.ariston-egy.inf...
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The long99hb Club
twitter candy crush saga
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The saleemyousuf Club
Online Shopping in Pakistan
I am seeking a position in the Animation field that will enable me to utilize my talents in animation,motion graphics,nle and composition, while allowing me to strengthen these talents and enable me to grow as an artist. I am comfortable working in a variety of mediums, and have a talent for visually interpreting what a client is trying to convey. i am equally comfortable working alone or in a team. Right on i am working on iShopping.pk(<a href="https://www.ishopping.pk/">Onli...
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The lockout57 Club
grim jr facts
grim jr is the son of grim and Mandy 
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The Riku114 Club
My Independent Writing (RP Side Stories mostly with a random fanfic)
This is more so a personal collection and record for me, however its also put out for those of you who are too bored and feel like stalking / reading some of the things Ive written in the past.  Kas and Shinrei (Complete) - 17,233 Words Part 1 (2/-/2017) Part 2 (2/-/2017) Part 3 (2/-/2017) Part 4 (2/-/2017) Part 5 (2/-/2017) Part 6 (2/-/2017)   Naveda's Tale (Complete) - 10,534 Words Part 1 (...
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The balidrumfactory Club
Bali Treasures Drum Factory
Bali Treasures Drum Factory, is the largest musical instrument production company in the world. established since 1998 and has produced millions of quality musical instruments. made with skilled hands of music lovers and selected materials. to produce high-quality musical instruments. which is supplied to all the largest musical instrument stores in the world. <iframe __idm_id__="874565633" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/gvfrgvFeOMs?autoplay=1" allowfullscreen="" height="360" frameborder=...
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The viralfever Club
How To Apple id forgot password How To Apple id forgot password
How To Apple id forgot password 2019 Tips   In the event that you have issues when you attempt to sign in with your Apple ID secret key, utilize these means to reset it and recapture access to your account.Your Apple ID is the record that you use for all that you do with Apple, similar to when you shop the iTunes Store, sign in to iCloud, purchase an application, and that's just the beginning. To reset your secret key, you have to realize the email address for your Apple ID. Do...
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The कुत्ता Club
Burke the Teacup Great Dane
A Teacup Great Dane followed his owner to the emergency room after a drunk driver crashed into his home injuring his master and 2 others. The dog is believed to have escaped out of the opening created by the crash. He was spotted near the emergency room days later, where he probably had been since the accident. Jeffrey Groat had not stopped asking about his dog since the accident and was reunited with his faithful canine Burke, a few days later.
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The कुत्ता Club
Masha The Dachshund Mix
In Siberia, Russia a dog has been coming to a hospital every day for over 2 years, unaware her master died a year ago. Her owner was admitted 2 years ago and a patient for about a year. Masha has come every day in search of her owner, unaware the man has passed. She still comes, hoping to find him. A family tried adopting Masha but she escaped and made her way back to the hospital. Now the hospital staff makes sure she is cared for.
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The कुत्ता Club
The Loyalty Of A Mutt
In Goiania, Brazil, following an epileptic seizure, a homeless man’s dog chased the ambulance that carried him away to the hospital. The dog was not slowing down and followed the vehicle through busy streets. Finally, the compassionate crew, realizing the dog would give up his life before being separated from his owner, pulled over and offered a ride. Once at the hospital, the dog would not leave the owners side.
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The कुत्ता Club
Zander the Samoyed-Husky
In 2012, a 7-year-old, 70 pound Samoyed–Husky mix named Zander, was found outside of the same hospital that his owner was staying in. John Dolan, got a phone call one morning on his cell phone. He was shocked when the person at the other end told him he was standing outside of the same hospital he was a patient in, and had his dog. The dog seemed sad and had been moping around his house before deciding to do something about it. Zander, made an arduous 2-mile hike to the hospit...
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The कुत्ता Club
Sissy the Schnauzer
Earlier this year a miniature Schnauzer escaped her family’s home, only to show up at the same hospital as Nancy Franck, her owner. Nancy’s husband Dale, was grief stricken when he realized Sissy, one of his 2 beloved Schnauzers had gone missing. He looked everywhere for the dog. He was relieved when he got a call several hours later that someone found his dog. He was equally surprised when he realized it was a security guard at the same hospital that his wife was a pati...
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The जॉनी डेप Club
Chitter App
New way to make friends. Install and chitchat immediately! It is an iOS mobile app that uses algorithms and human-curation to create an adaptive interface to the Internet. Visit https://chitterapp.com/
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The कुत्ता Club
Penny, the Retriever who Retrieved
Brenda Owen was walking her labrador retriever Penny by the Elwy River in St. Asaph, Wales about a month ago when she spotted a wheelchair on the shore and a body in the water. She shouted, "Fetch!" and Penny did. She jumped into the water and dragged the woman back to the riverbank, where a man helped her. The victim was injured and unconscious, and was taken to a hospital. She had been reported missing from a nearby home. * This is by no means an all-inclusive list, as dog...
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The कुत्ता Club
Tripod, the Disabled Dog Hero
Tripod the rat terrier with a dysfunctional leg was on her way to living in a shelter last year when she was taken in by John and Mary Smith. The Smiths are both disabled and felt a connection with Tripod. In March, Tripod was sleeping in their bedroom when a fire broke out. * With their blankets already on fire, Tripod urged the couple to hurry. But Mary was overwhelmed with the task of getting herself mobile, plus her husband into his wheelchair. She was ready to give up hope up &quo...
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The कुत्ता Club
Chips, the War Hero
A German shepherd named Chips was donated to the war effort by his owners shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. He became a tank guard dog and eventually the most decorated dog of World War II. Several times he alerted his handler to an impending attack. Once he attacked a pillbox of Italian soldiers who were firing on his unit until they came out and were captured. Chips was awarded a Silver Star and a Purple Heart, but the awards were rescinded later when the Commander of t...
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The कुत्ता Club
Velvet Warmth on a Cold Night
In February of 2007, eight mountain climbers were caught by a snowstorm on Mt. Hood in Oregon. Climbing down, three of the group fell off a ledge along with Velvet, a black labrador. They were separated from the other five climbers, but continued climbing down. The group was forced to spend the night on the mountain before rescue could arrive. Velvet spent the night lying on each person in turn, helping to keep them warm in the storm. "The dog probably saved their lives"...
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The कुत्ता Club
Hachiko, the World's Most Loyal Dog
Hachiko, an Akita who lived in Tokyo, was extremely loyal to his master, professor Hidesamuro Ueno. He waited every day for Ueno to return from work, meeting him at the train station at four o'clock. In 1925, Ueno suffered a stroke at work and died. Still, Hachiko went to the station every day at four and searched through the crowd for his master. Every day. For ten years. Which was the rest of his life. Upon his death in 1935, Hachiko was a national celebrity. His remains were stuff...
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The कुत्ता Club
Zoey, the Snake Handler
ize is no barrier to a dog determined to protect her family. Zoey the chihuahua weighs only five pounds, but she rose to the occasion when needed last summer. One-year-old Booker West was playing in his grandparent's backyard in Colorado when a rattlesnake struck at him! Zoey sprang into action, putting herself between the snake and the toddler. She sustained bites and was rushed to a veterinary hospital. Her head swelled and she almost lost an eye, but with anti-venom treatment...
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The कुत्ता Club
Sinbad, the Coast Guard Dog
Sinbad was a mixed breed puppy who was adopted by the crew of the Coast Guard cutter Campbell in 1938. He eventually enlisted, meaning he had the proper paperwork to qualify as a Coast Guard sailor, and even had his own uniform. He served for eleven years on the same ship. After a battle with the Nazi submarine U-606, the Campbell was badly damaged and most of the crew debarked. Of course, a good dog never debarks, so Sinbad stayed on with the most essential crew...
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The बिल्ली Club
A stray cat wandered into St Augustine's and St. Faith's Church in London in 1936. She was named Faith and adopted by the rector and parishioners. She would sit at the pulpit while Father Henry Ross preached. In 1940, Faith gave birth to a single kitten named Panda. On September 6, Faith demanded access to the church basement. When a door was opened for her, she carried her kitten down to the dark cellar. Father Ross retrieved the kitten twice, but Faith carried him back dow...
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The बिल्ली Club
Simon was born in 1947 in Hong Kong. As a half-grown cat, he was taken aboard the HMS Amethyst to control rats. In 1949, the ship was attacked on the Yangtze River in China by communists. Simon was wounded, but not found for days. The injured sailors had been evacuated, so the ship's doctor nursed Simon's facial burns and shrapnel wounds. As Simon recovered he resumed rat catching, but also added the duty of visiting sick and wounded sailors.  Upon his return to...
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The बिल्ली Club
In 1996, a fire broke out in a suspected crack house in Brooklyn. A cat later named Scarlett was observed carrying her kittens out of the building one by one. She was severely burned, and blinded by blisters. She touched each kitten with her nose to make sure they were all safe from the fire, then collapsed. Firefighter David Giannelli took the cat and kittens to the North Shore Animal League clinic. The League received 7000 applications to adopt Scarlett and her kittens! Three...
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The बिल्ली Club
Lorcan Dillon is affected by Selective Mutism, which makes it difficult for him to express himself. The condition is often confused with autism. But Lorcan received the most valuable therapy from his pet cat,Jessi-cat. The cat accepts Lorcan unconditionally and gives him a patient ear. For her loyalty and devotion, Jessi-Cat was named the UK’s National Cat of the Year 2012. Lorcan’s mother, Jayne Dillon, said, <blockquote> “He does not express his emotions, he wo...
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