बार्बी Doll(Baymax)

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  • Female, 16 years old
  • Sindh,Pakistan
  • Favorite TV Show: The new adventures of Peter Pan,EAH,MH,,chota bheem,my giant friend,pokemon,oggy and the cockroaches,Adventure time,Ben 10 many और
    Favorite Movie: all बार्बी movies,Frozen,Fast and the furious,ice Age,Epic,The Conjuring and many और
    Favorite Musician: All बार्बी Musicians,all the Musicians of Monster High,Akcent band,Justin bieber,taylorswift.
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seum के लिए प्रॉप्स दिया मुझे my pop quiz questions
If u r a चॉकलेट ur the sweetest, if u r a Teddy भालू u r the most huggable, If u are a तारा, स्टार u r the Brightest, and since u r my “Sister” u r GOD-DAMN-IRRITATING”!!!!!!!!!

(Oh don't get too happy thinking "OOOh... my bro did so much thinking making this up" cuz... I edited the "Friend" into "sister" and "best" into whatever the hell आप are... #TooAwesome)

Ba DA La lA LA la la पोस्टेड ·10महीने पहले
seum टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे…
owh it ended with hearts but... meh.... not your thing sis!!! soooo not your thing... ·10महीने पहले
3xZ के लिए प्रॉप्स दिया मुझे my pop quiz questions
Wow ARIGATOUUU!! YES, I like Ansel Elgort in Baby Driver <33 Do आप like Baby Driver as well, dear Baymax?? पोस्टेड ·10महीने पहले
3xZ के लिए प्रॉप्स दिया मुझे my answers
BAYMAX!! are आप still active?? I miss आप sooo much!!! Sorry for the incredibly late answer, I've been busy these days and फैन्पॉप stuffs do not appeal me anymore... :( Well, thank आप very much :D पोस्टेड ·10महीने पहले