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any kind of ऐनीमे drawing way do आप like best

4 answers | my answer: i like most types whether it be और detailed like...

there is any ऐनीमे character आप hate but आप think it,s very beautiful

5 answers | my answer: Alois Trancy from black butler

post your प्रिय ऐनीमे school uniform

22 answers | my answer: in the Black Butler मांगा the Weston College unifor...

Post your favourite ऐनीमे opening song

24 answers | my answer: Black Butler season 1 opening monochrome no kiss! (...

'Anime' Yourself!

107 answers | my answer: I have the same hair and my eyes are blue and yello...

Post an ऐनीमे character that आप didn't like at first but आप ended up liking them later. ^_^

31 answers | my answer: I used to hate Akito from Fruits Basket but after i...

Post an ऐनीमे character with black hair!

44 answers | my answer: Ciel Phantomhive!

Post an ऐनीमे character who is NOT Japanese.

59 answers | my answer: hate to be uncreative but... AMERICA!!

HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 answers | my answer: well if u can find it on यूट्यूब u can use a site c...

post a pic of your प्रिय holiday

11 answers | my answer: umm not really sure why u asked this सवाल in th...