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best ऐनीमे couple?

28 answers | my answer: Shinchi and Ran from Detective Conan! <3 Also like...

I need help on finding a good ऐनीमे to watch can आप help me?

9 answers | my answer: D.N. Angel(pic at the bottom) Midori's Days Card...

Post a character(s) from NOT a very known anime!

32 answers | my answer: Himeno Awayuki(the girl), Hayate(one in blue), and...

What ऐनीमे that आप watched has the most shocking ending?

20 answers | my answer: School Days 100%! It scared me o.O

A funny ऐनीमे screen cap.

19 answers | my answer: Natsu: That was scary! Lucy: Your head is scary!...

Name the ऐनीमे characters that आप have strong feelings for.

28 answers | my answer: Gokudera-kun! <3 <3 <3 He might be stubborn and rud...

Post a picture of your प्रिय ऐनीमे girl! (Props)

56 answers | my answer: Mizore! My प्रिय ice girl!

who is the hotest ऐनीमे charicter :3

35 answers | my answer: Gokudera Hayato!

Post your fav angry ऐनीमे face pwease :3

32 answers | my answer: Natsu vs Gray They are so funny! =^_^=

Post a picture of a video of ऐनीमे पार करना, क्रॉस dresser!!

12 answers | my answer: Hikaru and Karou! So cute!