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हैरी पॉटर

What's your पॉटर्मोर house and name?

23 answers | my answer: ScaleSkull8691 Slytherin.
हैरी पॉटर

who else thinks Sirius/Lupin would be a good couple?

16 answers | my answer: I woulden't mind..maybe they would make a good coup...
हैरी पॉटर


8 answers | my answer: Don't mind that,some people are idiots. Recently...
हैरी पॉटर

What would आप look Like at Hogwarts? (for girls)

11 answers | my answer: I like this game better.
हैरी पॉटर

Discussing Narcissa Malfoy. Your opinion?

4 answers | my answer: I think she just went along with whatever Lucius wa...
हैरी पॉटर

what would your animagus and patronus be?

71 answers | my answer: Snake. ;D या a lioness. या something somethin...
हैरी पॉटर

Who are the चोटी, शीर्ष three cutest guys in HP? <3

68 answers | my answer: Draco Draco and Draco.
हैरी पॉटर

What Hogwarts House do आप truly think आप would be in, not House आप want to be in.

165 answers | my answer: Stereotipicaly,i would be a Slytherin(Mean,certain...
साउत पार्क

What Was your प्रिय Episode Of Season 10?

6 answers | my answer: Smug Alert:P i प्यार Stans song,and the whole episo...
साउत पार्क

Make your सूची to the cutest to ugly

13 answers | my answer: 1.Kenny 2.Cartman 3.Kyle 4.Craig 5.Stan 6.Clyd...