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वन ट्री हिल

Do आप think that Peyton will die या the baby या both?

9 answers | my answer: I'm sure that she'll born this kid! If saw the pics...
वन ट्री हिल

Where exactly did Leyton went? And why they didn't say goodbyr to anyone?

2 answers | my answer: Well, I can't deffinitely say where and why, but I...
वन ट्री हिल

what epidoe is Keith killed?

4 answers | my answer: 3x16
वन ट्री हिल

do आप think this is a good idea to buy a cd for a guy आप like?

13 answers | my answer: well, hon. Generally it's pretty good idea. But if...
वन ट्री हिल

Who are your चोटी, शीर्ष 3 प्रिय characters on the दिखाना ?

28 answers | my answer: BROOKE
गन्स एण्ड रोज़ेज़

do आप think axl,slash,duff,izzy and steven will all come back together as बंदूकों n' roses?

14 answers | my answer: i'm sure that they won't... at least with स्लैश
चैड माइकल मरे

What happened between chad and sophia?

6 answers | my answer: well official version is Paris Hilton... but actua...
ट्वाईलाईट शृंखला

My friend कहा that vampire शिशु eat their way out of the mother's stomach! is that really true?

5 answers | my answer: Yep. Like Stephanie Meyer said)))
ट्वाईलाईट शृंखला

who's your प्रिय twilight guy?

38 answers | my answer: Calm, ब्रेव and handsome JASPER
Danneel & Jensen

i've heard that they recently broke up, is it true?

2 answers | my answer: and yesterday they got married:))) YAY