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प्रिय Breed?

6 answers | my answer: I luv great Germanshepherds, husky n golden retriev...

What do आप do on YouTube?

8 answers | my answer: I watch Raw episodes,movie trailers,and funny video...
जॉनी डेप

If आप had the chance to spend one whole दिन with Johnny, where would आप go?

6 answers | my answer: I would bring him to Fiji...One of the most renowne...
जॉनी डेप

If u were invited to Johnny's birthday, what would u present him?????????????

13 answers | my answer: A free airplane ticket..for him to come to Fiji......
जॉनी डेप

What was the first movie आप saw with Johnny Depp and how old were you?

21 answers | my answer: It was Edward Scissorhand...and it was a long time...
जॉनी डेप

If a movie was made about Johnny Depp, who do आप think would play Johnny?

4 answers | my answer: It could be...Skeet Ulrich ('Jericho').. but of co...
निकोल शर्ज़िंगर

Don't आप guys think Nicole & Enrique make a great couple?

2 answers | my answer: yes definitely...they look great together

if आप had to chose your superpower, what would आप chose? be creative!!!

6 answers | my answer: Jean Grey's telekinesis, to fly and able to heal fa...
ऐनी हैथवे

I was born same दिन of anne so I know very well ours desires, ours determination about life isnt it/

1 answer | my answer: Maybe!!
Natasha Bedingfield

what song द्वारा Natasha is yout fav?

11 answers | my answer: feel the rain on your skin...that is my fav. song.....