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ग्रे'ज़ ऐनैटमी


5 answers | my answer: Loveeeeee <3<3<3
ग्रे'ज़ ऐनैटमी

Hello, does anyone know where I could buy the song "WHEN आप NEED A FRIEND" द्वारा Natalie WIlson in Season 2 Episode "Damage Case"? This सवाल has been asked before, but I did not find a link. Any help is much appreciated! :)

2 answers | my answer: here is a link to download the song link...
ग्रे'ज़ ऐनैटमी

What is your प्रिय male character, female character, friendship, season, and couple?

25 answers | my answer: male:Alex female:Cristina friendship:Alex/Meredit...

How did आप become a Fanpopper?

75 answers | my answer: i was searching for some Robert Pattinson pictures...

How much did आप know about the सूपरनॅचुरल before आप started watching Supernatural?

7 answers | my answer: i knew about ghosts,bloody Marie,Shapeshifters..etc...

I'm wondering??!! people all ovr the cuntry, what season is ur country onn in SPN(comment nd tell me where ur from)

19 answers | my answer: well i'm from Egypt and they are now in season 2 b...

If आप could hunt for real what would your speacialty be?

9 answers | my answer: i wanna hunt them all babe just like the Winchester...

if आप could write in a charractor for yourself on Spn what would it be?

4 answers | my answer: I would be a great and mysterious hunter that comes...

what do आप think is the easiest to hunt?

3 answers | my answer: i don't think that there is anything easy to hunt...

Is season 7 gonna be the Last?

21 answers | my answer: well i think it depends on the success of the 7th s...