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Whats your cats' name? And what breeds?

31 answers | my answer: i have a Calico named Kitty and...idk what breed...

Help Me Name My New Kitten !!! (Picture Included) (;

51 answers | my answer: Just to name a few बिना सोचे समझे names: Chloe, Samantha, S...
वीदीओ गेम्स

What's the funniest thing you've seen in a video game?

10 answers | my answer: me? i saw the end of that game...... ._. that spong...

What was the first site on फैन्पॉप that आप joined?

146 answers | my answer: Kowalski spot X3

Purchase a gift? What?

16 answers | my answer: I saw that too. Its even on my own दीवार XD I tried...
एक महिला होना

Do any of आप think this man is cute?

15 answers | my answer: YUSH!
एक महिला होना

What is something आप get teased about?

48 answers | my answer: wow im young XD im 11. XD dont say it, i dont c...

Have आप heard of...

10 answers | my answer: um... no... why?

If आप could marry/relationship/other any यूट्यूब person, who would it be?

28 answers | my answer: well, i would only be friends, because.. im a girl...
जॉनी डेप

Imagine waking up finding yourself alone on an island,which character Johnny has played would आप like to be with आप on the island?

52 answers | my answer: totally Mad Hatter!