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हैरी पॉटर

What is आप प्रिय Non Canon pairing?

65 answers | my answer: DRARRY always <33
हैना मॉन्टेना

from the new episode of hannah montana do आप think that lily and jackson should start dateing

17 answers | my answer: No, they aren't good for each other
हैना मॉन्टेना

which Teen should be on the दिखाना for like a season या an episode? I think Selena Gomez

10 answers | my answer: I think Demi Lovato. Selena has already been it .
हैना मॉन्टेना

Can आप have enough of Miley's songs ?cause i can't!!!(pls प्रशंसकों only)

11 answers | my answer: No, I can't get enough of them ! My fave Miley song...
हैना मॉन्टेना

Do आप like Jake.T.Austin if so why and what do आप like about him?

7 answers | my answer: Yeah I like him . He's cute, funny and he acts in W...
ट्वाईलाईट शृंखला

have u every read all the twilight पुस्तकें yet "i have"

15 answers | my answer: Of course !! In my opinion they're the best पुस्तकें e...
ट्वाईलाईट शृंखला

how did आप feel when आप finished Breaking Dawn and realized that it was "the end"?

23 answers | my answer: I was happy and sad at the same time.. Happy bec...
हॉटेस्ट अभिनेता

Post a pic of your actor that makes आप happy :)

6 answers | my answer: Look at his smile :3
हॉटेस्ट अभिनेता

Post a pic of your actor दिखा रहा है biceps.

6 answers | my answer: Bicepsss
हॉटेस्ट अभिनेता

Post a pic of your actor पढ़ना something.

5 answers | my answer: Dylan