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Please help me Where can I watch the स्मॉल्विल season 1????

6 answers | my answer: Try sidereel, it'll link आप to sites that host the...
गोसिप गर्ल

I really have not watched Gossip Girl before, but I would like to start. What episodes should I watch to catch myself up?

7 answers | my answer: ALL OF THEM!!! If आप want to watch only a few the...
गोसिप गर्ल

If आप have seen the video of chair blucking out (which i have embedded) then आप notice they are holding presents? And Remains of the J is about Jenny's b-day so i am wondering do u thick chair hooks up knot wise on the अगला episode?

1 answer | my answer: Where's the embedded vid? And i dont think Blair a...
गोसिप गर्ल

Does anyone have the lyrics of the song Birthday - Awesome New Republic ft. Leighton Meester please?

1 answer | my answer: Ok here's my go at guessing the lyrics... the word...
गोसिप गर्ल

For those of आप who have seen the S3 Chair pics. B is taking his phone.

3 answers | my answer: It could just be ed and leighton discussing how to...
गोसिप गर्ल

Other really exciting teen drama या something besides GG?

10 answers | my answer: Veronica mars (even though it got cancelled its sti...
गोसिप गर्ल आप like season 3? या as myself आप were expecting something so much better?

12 answers | my answer: i was pretty disappointed with the first couple of...
लेटन मीस्टर

what are the REAL songs द्वारा Leighton?

4 answers | my answer: Out of the ones आप were unsure about... birthda...