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post a picture of two ऐनीमे people fighting each other

25 answers | my answer: Natsu vs Gray!(fairytail)

Who is your प्रिय ऐनीमे character and why? Post a picture please:)

21 answers | my answer: The strongest girl in fairytail!the girl who is str...

post a picture of your प्रिय ऐनीमे person (Both male and female) with red hair.

28 answers | my answer: The Titania!!!!!erza!!!

Prettiest ऐनीमे girl!!!! (Prop Contest) <3

34 answers | my answer: Titania Erza,of course!(fairytail)

do आप know any awesome kickbutt ऐनीमे girls?

19 answers | my answer: The strongest ऐनीमे girl i ever seen!the क्वीन of t...

Post a good picture of an ऐनीमे character with white hair?

36 answers | my answer: mirajane!!!from fairytail.she is pretty!

what ऐनीमे character आप would be?

25 answers | my answer: I like to be me.but i wish to be a strong girl like...

Post your best ऐनीमे guy! *****CONTEST!*****

72 answers | my answer: ~Jellal~from fairytail!

Which दिखाना is the Bestest?

229 answers | my answer: FAIRYTAIL!!!!!I प्यार IT!

an ऐनीमे character that has glasses! ^^

23 answers | my answer: LOKE!(FAIRYTAIL)