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Who are your two प्रिय डिज़्नी characters EVER.

20 answers | my answer: my #1 is Mickey Mouse, and my #2 is Winnie the Pooh...

Who is your Zodiac animal

24 answers | my answer: mine is the rooster. my birthday is August 22, 199...

हे fanpoppers,Do आप believe in God?

35 answers | my answer: YES I DO! PROUD TO BE A CHRISTIAN!:}<3

Post a link to every club that आप have made on FanPop...?

6 answers | my answer: a club i made for my friend.:) Yongie a.k.a Oracle...

If आप could remove one thing from existence, what would it be?

21 answers | my answer: cancer.

How many countries did आप travel to?

7 answers | my answer: 5: Mexico, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Honduras, and B...
स्पंज बॉब स्क्वायर पेंट्स

Anyone want me to do a SpongeBob drawing request for them? I'm pretty good at drawing him, I'll draw for someone C:

3 answers | my answer: oh i would! if आप can i would प्यार one of Squidwa...
टेलर स्विफ्ट

My Super Taylor Contest, with extra props(:

30 answers | my answer: ♪ Taylor तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट ♪
टेलर स्विफ्ट

post a pic of taylor doin somethin:),it culd b ny action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! winner gets 6 props!Deadline-25th July!!!!!

26 answers | my answer: Taylor doing a peace sign!:}
टेलर स्विफ्ट

!!!!!! Post a picture of Taylor तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट !!!!!! प्रॉप्स <13

21 answers | my answer: Taylor in a pretty lavender dress!:}