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ईसाई धर्म

I need help for this situation...

7 answers | my answer: tell him that if the big bang did happen then matte...
ईसाई धर्म

I don't know if I can help my friend..

4 answers | my answer: find her a therapist
ईसाई धर्म

Why were innocents killed in the Bible?

8 answers | my answer: try पढ़ना the bible you'll see why
ईसाई धर्म

Need help getting along with others..?

4 answers | my answer: for God sakes आप can't pray all the time आप need...
ईसाई धर्म

Please, my family needs help! Especially my mom.

5 answers | my answer: for God sakes take action don't just sit around and...
ईसाई धर्म

Is it wrong to not want to marry?

10 answers | my answer: i'm gonna put it short sex before mariage is a sin...
ईसाई धर्म

Should I sign a petition to stop gay death in Uganda?

7 answers | my answer: hell yeah bro God कहा प्यार all men and do not kill...
ईसाई धर्म

Should I get my ears percied?

6 answers | my answer: that's defacing your body and it goes against one o...
ईसाई धर्म

I'm sorry for asking so many सवालों but I need help with this please :'(

2 answers | my answer: well if it just randomly pops into your mind God kn...
ईसाई धर्म

My friend doesn't approve of my faith..

11 answers | my answer: damn what the hell i mean you're being nice to peop...