Mel Small

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  • Female, 47 years old
  • Wyevale, Ont
  • Favorite TV Show: Legend of Korra
    Favorite Movie: Court Jester
    Favorite Musician: old Pagan songs.
    Favorite Book or Author: Percy Jackson Series
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Azulafan199 कहा …
Our family is a huge प्रशंसक of Percy Jackson books- not the movies. and we are huge horse lovers. We have two घोड़े माउस a Perch/ Friesian पार करना, क्रॉस and a rescued black ख़ालिस, शुभकामनाएं, विभिन्नता gelding named Black Jack. We have a small Farm near Wyevale , ontario , Canada. We also have 5 flemish giant pet rabbits (Doctor who, Sheldon, Ground hog, इंद्रधनुष sprinkles and Sparky boom Man. In the house we have 2 कुत्ता (Sandy and Katara) 3 बिल्ली (Puccca, Oddy & Kero) mountain छिपकली (Googala) , and 10 fish. पोस्टेड एक साल  से अधिक पुराना