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KOJO and Luther rap Their own version of Cant Touch This. BEST दिखाना EVER!!
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In "Zeke Jumps the Shark", someone tells him he could be mayor. Well, in that mayor episode, (forgot the name), he admitted he was born in Japan.
Plus, they live on Gilroy, there is no pier या ocean in Gilroy.
Third off, in "Luther waffles, वेफल्स and the Skateboard of Doom", Zeke drives a car. In a few episodes after that, he admits that he's 15 and a half, then in a few और episodes, he starts driving again, in in the mayor episode he says that he's 16. What the heck.
Fourthly, in this new season, I think the episodes are getting worse, because things just keep on getting और impossible. For example, a 16 साल old mayor. Also, in "Zeke's Last Ride", he does a back-flip in a wheelchair.
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In the sumer time
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I प्यार Demi!
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