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 Zayn Malik
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This ज़ैन मलिक चित्र contains बिजनेस सूट, ड्रेस सूट, पूरी पोशाक, tailcoat, पूंछ कोट, पूंछ, सफेद टाई, सफेद टाई और पूंछ, पोशाक सूट, पूर्ण पोशाक, टेलकोट, पूँछ कोट, पट, सूट, and कपड़े का सूट. There might also be अच्छी तरह से तैयार व्यक्ति, सूट, पैंट सूट, pantsuit, पैंट्सट, and अच्छी तरह से कपड़े पहने व्यक्ति.

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One Direction's Zayn Malik was mortified when he was caught dancing around his flat naked द्वारा his cleaner.
The 18-year-old pop तारा, स्टार was seriously embarrassed to be seen dancing to The Bee Gees' Night Fever in the buff, according to one of his bandmates.
Bandmate Louis Tomlinson told the Daily Mirror: "It was hilarious. Zayn had his radio on full blast and was dancing around to Night Fever totally naked when his cleaner walked in on him.
"She walked in on him fully naked, properly giving it some!
"But the funny thing is, she didn't say, 'Sorry' and walk straight out. No, she कहा 'Sorry', glanced...
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