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the-sheik said:
This picture describes what Yul Brynner is all about. He was very handsome, his eyes were like magnets as they got your attention, he was comical, yet serious, he was a top notch actor that required perfection in the roles he played,he was very dignified, pomp, a great commanding voice, put emotion into his singing, he was a lover of women but also enjoyed being with children, he played many roles of which were excellent, a man that sticks to his convictions without turning from them, a royalty about him, someone who worked very hard at what he did in order to please his audiences, he didn't forget his roots in Gypsy music, a man who had to have things done his way, someone that warms your heart (The King and I), he was a foreigner which was the best part of him, and I could go on and on, but last, but not least he was a hero.
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