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posted by RavenVillanueva
My first यूट्यूब Poop! Hope आप like it!

*Credit to everyone आप makes यूट्यूब Poops for inspiring me to make my own*



Script: "Gee, it suresure is boring around."

"Boy, this peace is what all ?????? strive

"I just wonder what Ganon's up to..."

"Your Majesty, Ganon and his रात का खाना have seized the island of Koradai dai dai dai dai.

"Can we help?"

"It is written, only Ganon can defeat Link."

"Great! I'll grab my Octorok!"

"There is no time, your Dodongo is enough."

"How about a die, for luck?"

"You've got to be kidding."

"Sqadala! We are off!"

"Wow, what are all those...
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posted by RavenVillanueva
Sonic gives और disturbing advice. Then he dies.

um wooooow ok this was just a joke ok?

(okay, okay i चुरा लिया the frickin head joke from WalrusGuy. sue me)

What is कहा in this video:

[b]Kids, there's nothing और cool than being gay! Being gay is good! If you're gay, that's good! If you're no gay, that's no good!

It's your body, no one has the right to tell आप आप no beautiful.

So what do आप do? First, आप be gay. Then, आप touch someone in a place या in a way that makes आप gay. Then, आप get out of there!

If आप need instructions on how to be gay, check out your parents, your teacher, a police officer.


oh they took my freaking head!

Die Die Die Die Die[b]

And the rest आप can understand.