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 young justice genderbend
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 damn straight
damn straight
1.)Don't paint your face to look like Joker/any other gothem villain and wake robin up.

2.)Don't make fun of Robin's height

3.)Don't bother Artemis when she is पढ़ना magazines या painting her nails.

4.)Don't laugh when people fail in a training match (Robin)

5.)Don't give Kid Flash sugar

6.)don't give Robin coffee bad things happen when आप do

7.)don't let Robin trick आप into giving him coffee/using कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला dog eyes *can be done with a mask* (Ms. Martian)

8.)Don't watch Jaws या any other evil sea animal movie around Aqualad

9.)Don't say anything to Robin than he can use to invoke the wrath of Batman...
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(Video Credit: Cosplay Cassie)
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shut em down
injustice league
wobble craft
posted by brown-eyed-girl
“Ok let’s try again. Mexico was fighting against France on May 5. That was the battle of Puebla” Robin explained to Miss. M, superboy, and Aqualad in his room.
“But why does everyone hit a monkey piñata” Megan asked.
“I’ll get to that but first let me tell आप the history” Robin tried
“Was France a country of green monkeys” Superboy asked clearly annoyed द्वारा the thought of a country full of monkeys.
“No. But please सवालों till the end” Robin said. “Now where was I?”
“I believe आप were at the part of the battle of Puebla” Aqualad answered
“Thanks now the battle of Puebla”
“If I may interrupt is Puebla the monkey ruler या the place where the monkeys came from, and why did they interrupt Mexico’s party” Aquald कहा looking at him
“I’m going to kill Wally for this" Robin murrmured.
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Willow was excited today was her first दिन of school with Becca, she was also really happy because she was going to the same school as Wally, but the thing that sucked is that since the public usually saw the young justice team including Willow and her फ्रेंड्स fighting crime they were known as a superhero couple and the league didnt want to risk Wally and Willows secret identity discovered. Willow ran ahead of Becca jumping around in joy, " I cant believe were actually going to a school!" Willow कहा with excitement in her voice, " Willow will आप please stop running its hard to keep up in...
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FAIR WARNING: At the end, it gets a little violent. If आप are under the age of fourteen, DO NOT READ THIS!!! (I highly doubt any of आप are)

Part III

"Recognized, Red Revenge. B-13."

The Team looked up from their usual activities as the masked vigilante stepped into the Cave.

Artemis and Wally, who were playing chess glared at him, then turned back to the board. Connor glared at him, then turned back to talking to Megan. Kaldur greeted him.

"Revenge, may I speak to आप in private?" the Atlantean asked.

Revenge nodded and slipped out of the room with Aqualad.

"I can guess." Revenge कहा as he and...
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We have to bring Young justice back to prevent cartoon network from becoming a "strictly goofy" channel. If were going to bring this दिखाना back and running we have to state our case until further notice. If all of the प्रशंसकों come together and act the दिखाना will be back.

Here's my plan
1. Go to cartoon network
2. Scroll down until आप see Contact us click it
3. Then in category choose Programming
4. then topic choose other shows
5. After wards type your ई मेल
6. Put the positives of why YJ should return, talk about the outcomes of having a season 3, etc....

All आप need is an ई मेल and your good. This will work if we spam them to the point of aggravation.
आप can use your ई मेल और than once.
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