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 guardianwolf216: Designs of characters she wants on the दिखाना + Blue Beetle
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guardianwolf216 YJ styles of characters of she wants in Young Justice plus Blue Beetle since he's already in the दिखाना
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blue beetle red तारा, स्टार
hot spot
conner hawke
kid devil
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This यंग जस्टीस चित्र might contain डाइविंग सूट, डाइविंग पोशाक, गोताखोरी सूट, and गोताखोरी पोशाक.

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Overview: Great! not brilliant but great, finally some team work. Damn it!

So in this episode Blue finally gets the scarab off, (whoohoo) with the help of Zatanna, Rocket, Impulse, Batgirl, Robin, Wonder girl, Beast boy and of course Sphere.

I was really happy to see Zatanna a little bit and how she has gotten a lot better over these past five years.

Rocket "girlfriend" आप rock!

I'm always liking Bart और and और द्वारा each episode and he has become my प्रिय new character of season 2. *claps*

Jaimie, Is actually really awesome, two thumbs up for him and his mind and making fun of the ambassador.

M'gann and La'gnn is over.....OLE OLE OLE OLE!!

Conner and Wendy are dating <3
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So. Here it is. Songs: 1st Song; "Super Friends" -Holy Musical B@Man 2nd Song: "Freak the Freak Out" -Victoria Justice
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.®.®.®.®.®.Chapter 1.®.®.®.®.®.
You’ve Got a Job to Do

Mount Justice
August 11, 3:46 EDT

    “Hi Bat’s. What brings आप to town?” the Boy Wonder cautiously asked.
    “A better question, what brings you?” सुपरमैन interjected, making the situation even और awkward.
    “Wha...” Robin began to ask.
    “Why were आप in town??? Why didn’t आप come back to base when आप were summoned?! What if something had happened and...” Sups started, only to be stopped द्वारा बैटमैन grabbing his wrist.
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