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posted by Zatana
"Um, Batman?" I ask, although I am still a bit starstruck, I mean how many people get to meet THE BATMAN?"Is this going to hurt? The spell I mean?"
"This should not hurt," He tells me, although there is something in the way that he कहा it tells me he might be lying.
"Well okay then, I guess I should get this over with." The अगला thing I know, Zatanna says some kind of gibberish and Dr. Fate is shooting a yellow beam at me, then suddenly it is dark.
What is going on, I call out, all I can see is darkness, I have a felling I might be dead and that nobody can hear me. Then suddenly a bright blue figure appears and starts to come closer, I back away. This really does make me thing I am dead and this must be some other poor soul who died.
"I wondered when आप would realize I have been with you." The spirit says, who I now realize is pretty big and does not look to human, but is still pretty.
"Um...what are आप talking about? द्वारा the way how long is forever, because is death boring?" I ask the spirit. She laughs,
"Oh, Hannah, you're not dead. I am Talia, a lady of order, like how Nabo, I mean Dr. Fate is a lord of order." She tells me. Now I'm confused and interested.
"Um...great what exactly does that mean?" I ask.
"It means आप will get powers, that come from me, so that आप will be able to bring light to this world. However unlike Dr. Fate who controls his host, आप will get complete control over yourself, except when आप allow me to take control once in a while in combat." She tells me, now I am super excited, this is so cool!
"Thought you'd be happy," she says, "Now time for आप to re enter your body." Then there is a bright light, "and remember आप can always talk to me any time आप need to!" She calls from off in the distance.

What is going on??? Hannah has been FLOATING, IN THE AIR! This has been going on for almost ten minutes, and now about a मिनट पूर्व her eyes started GLOWING BRIGHT BLUE!
"Um, Z?" Rocket says,
"Yes?" I ask,
"What is going on?" She asks
"I have no idea." Then all of the sudden Hannah starts to float back down. When her feet touch the ground she closes her eyes, then opens them she is back to normal.
"Hannah!" we all yell at once.
"Hannah what happed?" Robin asks. She looks pretty faint to me, yet also pretty happy.
"Um..well..I" She stutters,
"Come on just tell us!" Kid flash says, "Artemis elbows him."
"I um.. well... I am the host for a lady of order named Talia, but unlike Dr. Fate I can control myself!" She almost yells, she seams really happy.
"Thats amazing!" Me'gan yells.
"So cool!" Wally screams."
"That would explain why Dr. Fate could sense your presence so strongly." बैटमैन says.
"Great now आप can शामिल होइए the team!" Robin yells."
"AWESOME!" Hannah says, she is really excited and I really don't blame her.
"So, wait, what are your powers?" Superboy asks. Suddenly we are all thinking this then Hannah says,
"Huh, I'm not sure, but is there any way for me to test? Anyone know how to activate super powers?" She asks. No one answers. "Okay, is there a place I can try to activate them?" IN fact there is, she is standing on it, we point this out to her and bring in some target practice dummies. Since none of us know exactly how powerful she is so we could actually get hurt. She starts द्वारा just attacking the dummies with her fists and even though she is pretty strong, its definitely not super strength.Rocket suggest that she try to shoot a beam from out of her hands form a distance away. Hannah does this, and fries the dummies in the process.
"Well, that was a bit overwhelming." Wally says,
"You know, this is not that weird compared to other stuff, I''m और just whelmed." Robin उत्तरों to him.
"Impressive girlfriend, is there anything else?" Rocket asks Hannah, "Oh, maybe आप can fly! Lets test it, then she grabs on to Hannah's hand and starts to fly up in the air with her.

THIS IS SO COOL! I think. Rocket is dragging me up into the air, "now when आप let go focus on flying and if it turns out आप can't me या Ms. M can catch you" She says to me. I let go, close my eyes, and focus on flying.
"Awesome!" I hear Robin call out. I open my eyes, I"M FLYING! This is so cool! I start to do flips in the air, I प्यार it, I'm as free as a bird!
"This is so cool!" I call out to everybody. I wonder if I have any other new powers. "Hey Zatanna, is there any way that आप या Dr. Fate could just magically sense if and what any of my other powers are? I ask.
"Sorry Hannah I don't..." She starts but Dr. Fate interrupts,
"If my memory is correct, I remember Lady Talia being master of the earth element water, perhaps आप to have this ability." He says Just then Superboy brings out s jug of water for me to test this theory on. I try to bring it up from the container using my hands this works, YES!
"I think it is official," बैटमैन says, "You are now a part of the team."
"But she will need a superhero name." Aqualad says.
"Umm..." I say, "How about "Spirit"?"
"I like it catchy, and kinda describes where आप get your powers from." Archery girl says. "By the way now that आप are part of the team we can tell आप are names, I'm Artemis, Kid Flash is Wally, Rocket is Rachelle, Superboy is Conner, Ms. Martian is Me'gan, Aqualad is Calder, and, um Robin? Is it okay if I tell her your name, I know your kinda picky about it." She asks Robin.
"Sure," Robin says, "I'm Dick Grayson."
"Welcome to the team." Calder says
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