Robin hesitated as he entered the kitchen. Wally and Artemis were fighting, again. It was Superboy's turn to stop them fight, it कहा on the fridge. Robin sat up on the counter staring at the small box in his hands.
"Whats in the box?'' Superboy asked as he restrained Artemis from choking Wally.
"Batman gave us a choice of संगीत to perform at the YJ fundraiser" Robin opened the box and pulled out the first CD cover.
"Call me maybe?" Wally raised his eyebrows. Artemis stopped trying to strangle Wally and walked towards Megan, giggling. "That's from Carly Rapist right?" Artemis threw a wood spoon at his head.
"Owww! What was that for?" Wally rubbed his head.
"Carly Rae Jepsen!" Artemis screamed throwing another wooden spoon at his head. Robin shook his head side to side and picked up the अगला संगीत cover.
"Im SEXY and I KNOW it!!!" Wally exclaimed snatching the CD cover off him. "Lets do this one!" Kaldur shook his head.
"This is not Batman"
"Someone maybe in the league helped him choose?" Artemis कहा over her evil laugh. Megan joined in.
"Whats the अगला one?" Speedy asked. Robin lifted up the last CD cover.
"CLOTHES OFF???" Wally hugged his best friend. "Dude! You've never made me soo happy!" Robin glanced at Kaldur who was having सेकंड thoughts about the whole fundraising thing.
"Plzz Kaldur just this once! To patch up Mount Justice? It is a little dull to admit!" Robin begged Kaldur doing his कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला eyes. Kaldur couldn't resist.
"Okay,okay but only once!" Robin hugged his fellow teammate.
"Hmmm. आप better practice your stripping!" Artemis told the boys laughing from time to time. The boys glanced at each other.
"NO ONE कहा THERE WILL BE STRIPPING INVOLVED!!!" Speedy slapped his face. "Half naked on stage, with the whole league watching u...."
"No way! I'm not doing it anymore!" Superboy started walking out of the room. Megan grabbed his arm. " Please Conner! आप have nothing to worry about!'' Megan blushed. "You have a very sexy body" Conner smiled. "Okay. Fine" Artemis and Megan squealed. "Oh! I can't wait! Better leave u guys alone..." The girls ran out giggling. The boys looked at the CD cover.
"I guess we should practice" Speedy suggested. Wally put the CD in the संगीत player and they all started practicing for the big night.

They didn't really notice it या no one had the दिल to tell any of them that, they actually enjoyed performing dirty dancing. Even for Superboy and Kaldur. Well, Kaldur had to get a little getting used to being half naked dancing in front of his mentor and hundreds of people. Conner in fact didn't mind at all since he wore no कमीज, शर्ट from time to time.

The दिखाना was about to begin and the whole league (including bats) sat down on the chairs Megan and Artemis set out including the stage, the lights, Zatanna was in charge of the food, well just everything for the दिखाना the girls were in charge of it.
"This prank may be the best prank ever!" Artemis whispered to Megan as they sat down in the front row. "Its gonna be crazy!" Megan got out her video camera.
"I'm so video tapping this!"

Batman, Supey, flash and green ऐरो sat around in the middle not too close and not too far from the stage. The दिखाना was a bout to begin.
"Ladies and gentlemen! I present to you, the YJ boys!" Zatanna announced on stage. They YJ boys were in their casual clothes as in Robin wearing his sunglasses. They all went to one mic each and tested the mic. They संगीत began to start.
Robin कहा the first words;
"See the thing is,"
Then all the boys took their shirts off and joined in.

We have to take our, clothes off!

We have to party all night!

And we have to take our clothes off,

To have a good time! OH NO!

Everyone's mouth just dropped. They were stripping and गाना at the same time! Supey smacked his face while बैटमैन watched in horror as he saw his thirteen साल old adopted son continued.

Excuse me miss
I couldnt help but to notice how alone आप are,
I dig the attitude and how you're अभिनय like आप own the bar!
Got me flashing keys and i don't even own this car.
Like u ain't feeling my charm, because i know u are
I'm trying to see how your lips feel
Oh I'm sorry my name is Travie and I'm pretty much a big deal.
Oh आप never heard of me?
That sounds absurd to me!

As Robin finished his line he swayed his hips back and fourth just doing a normal dirty dance. All the girls were screaming and just all the men watched drooling and shocked. बैटमैन twitched his eyes in horror while GA braced himself as Speedy stepped forward.

The way आप चुरा लिया my attention was flat out burglary.
What do आप say let's exit stage left so me and आप can.
Possibly reconvene and play some naked peekaboo.
Cause after all the ब्लाउज you're wearing is kinda see through.
And it's obvious I'm heading wherever you're leading me too.
Such an एंजल with a devilish angle
And quite the certified sweet talker
And you're buying every line of it girl
And I don't really blame you.
If I was in your shoes I'd probably do the same too.

"Batman! आप chose this?" Flash screamed in horror as Speedy began humping the air. GA covered his eyes tearing up while Supey drooled all over his own legs.
"No! I gave them three options but this wasn't one of them!" बैटमैन replied. A laser shot at his arm.
"Clark! What the hell?!?" Supey covered his eyes.
"Its so disturbing I'm shooting laser beams out of my eyes!!!!" Flash decided to buy a bottle of नींबु पानी, नींबू पानी for himself and a cheerio for Batman.
The YJ strippers continued...

We have to take our clothes off!
We have to party all night
And we have to take our clothes off
To have a good time
Oh no

They ripped off their pants and threw it at the audience. Superboy's landed on Green Lantern.
"MOTHER OF GOD!!!" He shot ferociously at it with his ring. He was terrified. बैटमैन was taking a bite out of the cheerio when the boys stripped half naked on stage. The cheerio got stuck inside his throat. He hit his chest repeatedly trying to cough it out. Flash spit out a mouth full of नींबु पानी, नींबू पानी in the air landing on everyone on the front rows.
Artemis and Megan laughed their ass's off and had trouble trying to breath. बैटमैन finally got the cheerio out of his throat his दिल beating fast thought his death certificate wrote,
' Bruce Wayne April 7, 1915
Died chocking on a cheerio while watching sidekicks strip.'
That's not what he wanted it to be like.
GA blushed bright red but Flash was redder as he saw Wally step up to the mic.

Now here's another खलिहान burner for the slow learners
Put your helmets on and take a सीट on the short bus
अगला stop, right around the corner from your momma live
No turning back so आप better buckle up
Shit, don't be concerned with mine
I feel like a Speak and Spell way I got आप learning my lines
Fine, pull the string, replay that shit
I change my name to "did he really just say that shit?"

Flash nearly passed out hearing him say those words but he nearly died when he started dancing. He swayed his नितंब, गधा side to side smacking it a few times, and the worst,
Fingering his own mouth.
Yep he fingered his own mouth and that's when Flash लॉस्ट it. He puked all over the floor. As he looked up he saw Supey doing a weird facial expression. His tongue was out, his eyes glaring, he couldn't figure it out.
"Dude. What are u doing?" Flash asked wiping vomit from his chin. He felt like laughing but he was in horror not to.
"I'm trying to vomit but nothings coming out!" he screamed. बैटमैन absolutely passed out right on his chair for a couple of seconds. Flash got out sharpie ready to draw on his face.
The guys vomited, slapped their faces, passed out, while girls screamed and cheered. Flash was finishing the last of his प्यार दिल on Bat's face when he was awaken द्वारा all the cheering. Flash couldn't help laughing. Bats stared at the stage as if he was hypnotized as 5 poles raised up from the ground. All of the boys on stage except Kaldur started pole dancing on the poles.
This time Supey, GA and Flash passed out.
Kaldur nervously stepped up to the mic.

I'll take a mile if आप let me
Six-five, two hundred plus and so sexy
My legs going numb for keeping my phone on vibrate
To hide the fact your girlfriend keeps textin' me
And I've been trying to never mind it man
But every time I get a new number, she finds it damn
And आप thought आप had it sewn up
Until right around amazing o'clock when I showed up

Aquaman cried as his sidekick dirty danced around the stage. Supey, Flash and GA finally woke up looking drunk as if they had a hangover. The other boys on the poles gave Kaldur a high fives दिखा रहा है how impressed they were. They boys got off the poles and smacked each other's ass's as they continued,

We have to take our clothes off
We have to party all night
And we have to take our clothes off
To have a good time
Oh no

Superboy swapped jobs with Kaldur and he headed up to the mic while the other boys headed back pole dancing. सुपरमैन twitched his eyes while Flash passed out again.

Got chicks, all hot chicks
Indie-rock chicks, and hip-hop chicks
Slim chicks, round chicks
Black, white, yellow, and brown chicks
Got chicks, all hot chicks
Indie-rock chicks, and hip-hop chicks
Slim chicks, round chicks
Black, white, yellow, and brown chicks

All the ladies screamed and screamed. बैटमैन had a hard time breathing and GA had butterfly's in his stomach. Robin came back to the mic signaling the ladies to call him. बैटमैन froze as he noticed something Robin was wearing.
"Are those my underpants?" बैटमैन whispered to himself. His mouth dropped as Robin began to sing again.

Good grief girl, you're giving me goosebumps
Standing there in your underwear and new pumps
It's like the और time we waste and less time I get to taste you
Honestly I could easily replace you
It's not a scam girl
That's how I am girl
Peter Pan, I'm a sucker for Smucker's जाम girl
It's clear I'm only here for good clean fun
Shut up and किस me like the antidotes under my tongue

Batman's दिल nearly stopped as Robin licked the चोटी, शीर्ष part of the mic over and over and over. The boys got off the poles and put their arms on each others shoulders.

We have to take our clothes off
And we have to party all night
And we have to take our clothes off
To have a good time
Oh no
We have to take our clothes off
And we have to party all night
And we have to take our clothes off
To have a good time
Oh no

Speedy stepped up and did the last part of the song.

Got chicks, all hot chicks
Indie-rock chicks, and hip-hop chicks
Slim chicks, round chicks
Black, white, yellow, and brown chicks
Got chicks, all hot chicks
Indie-rock chicks, and hip-hop chicks
Slim chicks, round chicks
Black, white, yellow, and brown chicks

GA just fell backwards on his chair landing on Diana's lap. She stood up clapping his head fell right to the floor. The YJ boys bowed down, picked up their shirts and walked off stage.

"I'm so glad that's over!" सुपरमैन कहा giving a sigh of relief. बैटमैन nodded. They woke up Flash and carried him out of Mount Justice. It waas just too hardcore they all thought.

Later at Mount Justice....
बैटमैन entered Mount Justice his eyes just popped out. All the boys were chasing each other and cheering half naked around the room. They had bags full off money. Robin toppled over a pile of them and jumped onto it and again Wally and Artemis were fighting. बैटमैन just fainted on the spot with a hard BUMP!

He's seen to much horrifying stuff today...