I just got this image from बैटमैन under the Red हुड, डाकू because i couldn't find one in Young Justice. >>>>>>>

The Dark knight carried the young teenager into Mount Justice and he set him down onto his bed. Green ऐरो and Zatanna approached them.
"Is he okay?" Green ऐरो asked, breaking up the silence. बैटमैन looked at him. "Look at him! Do आप think hes alright?" An emotion of sadness grew over the Dark knight. He hasn't felt such sadness in a long time. Zatanna put her hands on her unconscious boyfriend's chest. She began to cry. She then hit his chest with both hands repeatedly.
"Wake up! Please don't leave me!" she whispered to him.
"Did आप do CPR?" Green ऐरो asked Batman.
"Of course I did!" बैटमैन replied turning to the Arrow. He turned back to Zatanna and simply felt what she felt.
"Hey!" ऐरो shouted out. "What happened to Artemis and Wally?" Zatanna stopped her actions. "Did they make it out? Are they okay?"
"I, Don't know." बैटमैन replied. Green ऐरो began to walk backwards. "I need to find them" he ran out of the room and went to the teleportor.
"No!" बैटमैन exclaimed to the Arrow. "We don't know where they are! They could be-" Too late. Green ऐरो left. बैटमैन heard a coughing sound behind him.
"He's alive!" Zatanna replied cheerfully. बैटमैन entered to room, staring at the boy wonder. Robin stood still as Zatanna hugged him.
"Who,o a,re you?" Robin stumblingly asked his female huger. Zatanna stopped hugging him. "I'm your teammate, friend" replied Zatanna. "Girlfriend" she whispered to him. Robin, startled at her words, pushed her away from him and stood up. "I don't know you" he shouted pointing a finger at her. He looked at the Dark knight.
"Batman!'' he ran up to him. "Let's get otta here!" He ran out of the room.
"Hes लॉस्ट his memory..." बैटमैन कहा quietly. "He only remembers me and everything else before the team." He looked at Zatanna, tears in her eyes.
"This isn't happening!" she ran out of the room and stopped in front of Robin. "This is a huge place!" Robin कहा in a loud voice.
"Robin! I'm your soulmate! remember at the hospital आप injured your arm!" Zatanna desperately कहा to him. Robin got out a batarang. "Want a go?" Zatanna looked at him with wide eyes.
"Test na for kil nam ti forti kal!" Zatanna पेश a spell that zapped at Robin's head. He dropped his batarang at put his hands on the sides of his head.
"Please work please work" Zatanna whispered to herself. बैटमैन watched quietly. As Zatanna stopped her spell, Robin collapsed to the floor. बैटमैन ran to his aid. Robin rubbed his head.
"What just happened?" he replied in a tired voice.

बैटमैन and Zatanna hoped, just hoped, his memory would come back.