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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Name: Dallas Union "Dally" 
Alias: Seraphs
Occupation: Villain, sidekick to Riddler
Age: 16 
Looks; 6'4 white hair, purple eyes, 105 pounds, muscular, white wings with black spots, and a scar that covers his right eye.
Personality: Smart Alec, दिखाना off, hates human life (also a major hate for Fang) loves to kill, doesn't believe in सेकंड chances.
Weapons: Carries two swords
Powers: Flight (wings) psychic (uses this ability to win in fights) 
Past: Created in the School as a weapon to destroy all human life, Dallas set out to fulfill his destiny, killing anyone in his way. Battling Fang several times and loosing Dallas is out for Fangs blood, coming back faster and stronger. And he's ready to end Fang once and for all.  
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 YJ Band
YJ Band
Becca was just walking through the mountain when she heard it. Music. She followed the sound down to the garage. She peeked inside, stunned. There was the Young Justice team, playing the music. Wally was playing the drums, Artemis was on electric guitar, Connor was on bass, Megan was the pianist, and Robin was the lead singer. Kaldur was talking on the phone, obviously the manager. Becca waited till the song was over before stepping into the room, clapping.
“Very impressive,” she said.
“Thanks,” Wally कहा with a wink.
Becca came up to Robin, placing her arms around his neck.
“Those are...
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver
Review: Coldhearted
Believe me...I wanna make a video but my computer is being stupid

it blew my mind...

Wow. Wally was great in this episode. He was so funny and awesome.
Definatly one of my new प्रिय Spitfire episodes. Artemis was so jealous of him asking for a birthday किस from M'Gann. And when she kissed his forehead she was all in 'k good...'. And Artemis just HAD to be the one to tell दीवार M'Gann and Conner were dating.
So the team basically teams up with the Justice League to do something या another...and Wally is left to deliver a दिल to...
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The team had no idea what had gotten into Wally. As of a week ago, he'd been talking to the same “person” Robin was; and they were starting to worry. They कहा nothing to the two of them, talking quietly to themselves. They decided to come out and ask if the two boys were pulling a prank. दिया their record for pranking everyone (especially Superboy), it would seem like the sort of thing they would do. So it was not unexpected when Robin and Wally were surprised to find the team waiting for them. The two exchanged looks as the team lead them into the living/dining/kitchen room area. Artemis...
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posted by nymph_tonks
sorry ravenclaw. amaza girl likes robin. kf and superboy like her.
september 17, 2011
"hey girl, wake up."
again? this happens all the time. i faint after a battle, acdentilly open a portal, and end up in some बिना सोचे समझे walmart. another guy कहा "i think she's dead."
"well then what do we do with the body?"
i woke up."no,no i'm still alive."
i saw a guy with a mask on. "oh great. am i at that costume festival again?"
"no." the kid said, confused. "i'm... not sure i should tell आप who i am." i sat there a moment, getting this through my head. then i कहा "i know who आप are. your robin." i got up....
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posted by bluehawk_m18

    “Recognized Robin” the computer said. The Boy Wonder entered and looked around, placing his knuckles on his hips, satisfied.
    The room was good size, cylindrical with a high ceiling. In the center there was a lower layer, a crevice of sorts. Like the larger room, it too was shaped like a circle, and if आप wanted to get to the couches that hugged the rim, आप had to walk down a flight of several steps.
    He didn’t take the stairs. He never did. Rolling forward, he sprung off...
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