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posted by Mclovin_69
Billy ran down the streets and skidded across a wall, " Okay benson...make sure the coast is clear...and go" Billy कहा going to fence and lifting up a plank and closing it behind him. He ran to a telephone booth and entered it, he sat down on a सीट in there, " Captain Mravel 15.." Billy said, he closed his eyes in releif and waited for something to happen but notihng did. He opened his eyes " Captain Marvel 15!" he yelled, he crossed his arms in frustration " overwright ho/t watch tower priority A Captain Marvel 15!" Billy yelled, the machine made a humming noise and scanned him, " not recognized... access denied " the machine voice said. He growled in anger throwing his hands up in the air and closing his eyes in frustration.


Billy walked past a टेलीविज़न store with TV's in the window, it suddenly turned on दिखा रहा है Kidflash, Robin, and Aqualad on it. " Attention children and teenagers of earth i am here and my name is Aqualad these are my फ्रेंड्स Robin and Kidflash" Aqualad said, Billy ran back to the window and pressed his hands against it, " we are using justice league systems to cast a stream to every TV and radio station on the planet " Robin said, " we know आप must be scared and angry we know with your parents missing its a temptation to running around and wild but please stay calm " Wally said.

On the gym TV they were their on the Tv aswell, " we will find a way to bring back the adults but for now the oldest among आप must take charge" Aqualad said, " take care of your younger siblings, take care of kids from all around.." Robin said, " protect them.." Wally said. From other places around the world others were watching. " It is up to आप " Aqualad said. Billy ran to a fence at a small airport, " its up to Billy Benson to find a way to the cave " Billy कहा climbing the fence and hopping over it " no matter the risk " he said. Billy ran towards the small building. " Please help in any way आप can.." Kaldur कहा on the TV of the open door of the building. " Which is how exactly " a girl कहा inside watching the televsion. " That depends.. do आप have a pilots license " Billy कहा leaning against the door frame.


Wally stood in his souvenir room looking at the helemt of Dr. Fate, " ive finally reached Atlantis but no adults are their either.." Kaldur कहा walking in with Willow. " So just how desperate are we?" Wally asked looking at Willow and Kaldur now, the three looked at the हेलमेट of fate, " we all know that whoever puts on the helemt may never get it off..." Kaldur said. " S o not that desperate.." Willow said, " not yet... " Kaldur said. " Guys... me and Becca are ready to start the spell.. " Zatanna कहा making the three turn around and look at her.

in the main room a small globe floated there, Becca and Zatanna walked up, they took deep breaths and began " eh ti caul red nes eh fou erecro " Becca and Zatanna कहा togehter. A red dot appeared on the globe, " coordinates locked Rowanoke island आप guys did it good job.." Robin said, Zatanna looked down with releif.


" हे Supey आप find any kids?" Lucas asked in com link, " yeah ive found two आप found any? " Connor asked, " none...." Lucas said, " well maybe we should head back to the gy-" Connor was cut off, द्वारा a gasp from Lucas, " Lucas!? Lucas?! " Connor asked on com link but it was cut off and only made a humming disabled noise.

Lucas rubbed his head as he was on the ground, Aero and Steel walked up to him " what are आप two doing here?! " Lucas asked, " were here to figure out what happened to our master " Steel कहा glaring at him. " Oh do the little बिल्ली के बच्चे not know what to do without their mommy " Lucas कहा getting up and facing them, " we want to exchange information on what आप guys have figured out about this.. " Aero said, " well all we know is the adults are all missing 18 and older.. but we dont know where they are या if their okay " Lucas said, " do आप know what caused this? " Steel asked, " i think i might " a voice said, everyone looked over at Phoebe walking over to them.


Willow sat in the gym telling the kids a story from her head, Wally talked to Robin on com link, " so आप say Rowanoke Island...." Wally said, " yeah but we need to go their A.S.A.P " Robin said, " alirhgt ill get Willow, Lucas, Supey and Artemis " Wally said, " okay Robin out " Robin कहा and shut off com link. " So is that your boyfriend over there " a girl asked Willow, " yes " Willow replied, " i think आप can do better " a boy कहा laughing, " well all that matters is we प्यार eachother " Willow said, " Willow we have to go now " Wally said, " awwwwwwwww... noooo please can आप stay longer.." the kids moaned, " no she cant im sorry " Wally कहा taking Willows hand and walking her out the door with Artemis behind them. " हे Supey.. where are आप guys we need आप to meet us द्वारा the gym " Wally asked on com link, " well i can definately bring myself but i think Lukes in trouble " Connor said, " what where is he?" Artemis asked, " i dunno he gasped then his com link got disabled " Connor said, Willow thought for a मिनट " of course! why did i think of this sooner! " Willow कहा hitting her head gently, Wally and Artemis looked at her, " we know all the adults are missing but what other teenaged villians do we know " Willow said, " Aero and Steel!" Artemis exclaimed, " हे Willow!!!" a voice yelled, Willow turned around to see Phoebe flying in the sky with her एंजल wings holding Lucas, Aero, and Steel from her hands and letting them dangle, she landed on the ground infront of them and the three let go, " Lucas your okay " Artemis कहा hugging him, " why are they here " Wally said, " were here to help do आप have a problem with that " Aero कहा stepping up to Wally, they were the same height and they glared at eachother, Willow got in between them " if आप would stop we have other issues we need to worry about " Willow कहा pushing them both back at bit. " हे Willow long time since ive sen you.... " Aero कहा touching her shoulder, Willow gasped and stepped back and went behind Wally " dont touch her !" Wally yelled, " oh tough guy.... आप actually think that आप can take me on " Aero कहा smiling evily, " yes i can take आप on !" Wally yelled, " guys guys!! enough we need to go to the mountain! " Phoebe yelled, " but dont we need to- " Lucas कहा but was cut off द्वारा Connor jumping off the चोटी, शीर्ष of the school building infront of them, " nevermind..." Lucas कहा in an annoyed tone, The seven began to walk different ways, Wally picked up Willow in his arms and ran ahead, Phoebe took Aero and Steel and flew off leaving Lucas and Artemis, " i dont suppose your gravity can go any faster.." Artemis said, " nope.." Lucas groaned, Artemis and Lucas were stuck walking normal speed to mount justice.
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Dick Grayson was on the phone with Wally when Bruce came home.
“Oh he just walked in let me ask him”
“Hey Bruce can I go to the फिल्में with Wally”
“Did आप finish your homework?”
“Then that’s fine”
“Um Bruce can आप spot me a twenty” Dick asked. Bruce sighed and took out his wallet. He then remembered his talk with Conner.
“Dick when did I give आप your allowance”
“Uh three days ago” He answered nervously. Bruce folded he arms.
“What happened to that money?”
“I might have spent it on a few computer devices like flash drives, new CD’s, and maybe some games”...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter Nine:

"If Sportsmaster is here, we may need to pull the girls out." Blue Beetle said.

"No." Nightwing replied. "Holly hasn't called for an extraction."

"You're trusting her?" Revenge asked.

"Yes. She's been in this atmosphere where none of the others have. She'll know when is best to call for an extraction."

"You're dumber than I thought."

"You don't trust her?"

"As someone to fight with, not protect my back and DEFINITELY not put other people's lives in danger."

"The girls are NOT in danger." Nightwing replied.

Blue Beetle reached for his hamburger, but Sam and Nightwing batted his hand down....
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Right where आप want me

The whole team was hanging out in the mountain. Bored. Miss Martian was slowly flipping through her cook book in the kitchen. Artemis was making arrows in the corner of the room on the floor. She sighed when she looked at the giant pile she had and continued. Robin was at the सोफ़ा, सोफे watching the T.V and clicking buttons on his laptop glancing at pictures of criminals, who were already in jail. Aqualad was half asleep, flipping through channels. And Conner was just sitting, still with eyes on the T.V, asking constantly for Aqualad to go back to another channel.
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posted by Kenzie_KarmaYJ
After the large round of laughter and ironic applause, not to mention Robin nearly fearing for his life, the team looked over to Delta for an explanation, although someone had an inclination on what it might be about.
Batman, who had since dried himself off and calmed down, picked up Kenzie, looking very innocent, making बैटमैन himself look innocent in a very scary way. Delta sighed and picked up the wilted rose, twirling its stem between her fingers.
“I’m not sure exactly how to explain this,” she began. “But I know this is Fin, I can feel it. I used to...” She gave a half-hearted...
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posted by Robin_Love
 the भेड़िया
the wolf
Okay so for story purposes, I changed ages. So Dick, Becca, and Zatanna are around sixteen maybe seventeen. Artemis is eighteen and Kendra is about fifteen/sixteen. And it's only Zatanna, Dick, and Artemis from the show.

Dick Grayson walked down the road towards home. The streetlamps lit his way while the wind blew to it's merry tune. The sun had set hours before and the moon had risen to a perfect crescendo. He looked at his watch and then away. Eleven at night was early for him. But he had wanted to leave the party earlier than that. He usually stayed out later, not having any family to go...
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posted by Skittles98
Robin was alone at the mountain. या so he thought. Really, a certain female archer was residing there as well while the rest of the team was out. Robin hacked the speakers and started playing the song Secrets द्वारा One Republic. He looked around, then started to sing.

I need another story
Something to get off my chest
My life gets kind of boring
Need something that I can confess

Artemis was just minding her own business when her प्रिय song came on the sound system. She raised an eyebrow, but sung along regardless.

Till all my sleeves are stained red
From all the truth that I've said
Come द्वारा it honestly...
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"You will be a hero आप will live again life will be reborn only आप will remember to undo your death and start all over again.you will be reborn as आप but with new powers."

Ugh where am I?I looked around I was घर in my bed.
"Onee-chan?your घर where else would आप be?"
Dusk!!Its really you!!!I missed you!!!
"Onee-chan did आप have a bad dream या something?"
Huh?no Dusk I just wanted to hug you.
"Well come on hiru-gohan is served!"
Ohio!Mom and Dad.Mom was eating and dad was पढ़ना a newspaper Whats going on?they`re supposed to be dead im suppossed to be dead!
"Onee-chan?are`nt आप hungry?"
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posted by Skittles98
”It will be a fight to the death. Who will win? Who will die? Place your bets!” Roulette announced. Black Canary and Huntress stood on either side of us. I stood back to back with Green Arrow.
“So, which one of us takes Huntress and who takes Canary?” he asked
“Neither” I said. I made a ball of light around Black Canary and then shoved Huntress in. I brought it closer.
“Canary! It’s me, Night!” I said. She screamed her supersonic scream. I लॉस्ट concentration and fell to my knees. The bubble faded. Huntress brought out her crossbow and shot at us.
“Now, we may need to fight...
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posted by Candy77019
 "The birthday girl!"
"The birthday girl!"
I flew into the familiar greenish mountain and found my teammates in the Mission Room, along with बैटमैन and Red Tornado.
"The birthday girl!" Robin greeted as I came up beside him.
बैटमैन looked at the computer screen. "The daughter of wealthy company owner, Jack Nelson, is the अगला target for the League of Shadows. We have word that they are sending an assassin after her." He looked firm. "In the अगला few hours, the team is to watch her every step, just in case. Can आप handle that?"
Superboy scoffed. "With my powers, I can handle anything."
Megan gave him a stern look before answering. "We...
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