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1. No चॉकलेट या sweets for Becca and Willow, even if they do the puupy dog eyes ( Wally, Robin, Superboy )

2. Doing the cinnamon challenge will not be done in the mountain या put online ( Wally, Lucas )

3. Locking Artemis and Lucas in a closet and not letting them out until they admit their feelings for eachother is not allowed ( Wally, Willow, Phoebe)

4. No टिप्पणियाँ will be made on Willow saying how crazy she is for liking Wally and being his girlfriend( Artemis )

5. Do not say sarcastic things as a joke to make fun of Bullet, no lame jokes either( includes आप Wally )

6. Wally no whinning over not getting your cuddle time with Willow, dont be too clingy.

7. Trying to play pin the tail on Wally या Astreous will not be allowed ( Lucas, Artemis, Becca, Phoebe )

8. No touching anything in Andrews room when he is gone, including inventions and gadgets that look cool ( im looking at आप Wally, Lucas, Becca, and Willow )

9. No boys in the girls rooms after 9:00 ( Wally )

10. No putting on a sportsmaster या cheshire mask and hiding in Artemis's room at night ( Wally and Lucas )

11. No playing the game say uncle ( that goes for everyone )

12. Just because Wally is a ginger and it is hug a ginger दिन doesnt mean आप get to hug him ( only Willow gets to )

13. No touching या hugging Phoebe unless आप want to die ( only Aero gets to )

14. No beating on Wally if he upsets Willow in any kind of way ( Becca, Phoebe)

15. No sexest jokes are to be made about either gender.

16. When Wally says something like this " i used to not eat as much but then i took an ऐरो to the knee " doesnt mean that he gets an ऐरो in his knee ( Artemis, Aero )

17. Listening to Willow गाना in her room या in the शावर, शॉवर is not allowed ( goes for everyone)

18. Phoebes pet blackbird Roulette is not a pinyatta.

19. no playing spin the bottle ( Wally, Lucas any boy )

20. No one is allowed to try robins uniform on and run around because of his cape (Becca)

21.Wally no waiting outside Willows bathroom door when she is taking a shower

22. Joy, Meagan, Supeerboy, and Melinda no listening in on private conversations या पढ़ना peoples thoughts.
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“No,” Roy कहा automatically. Ollie gave him a pained look.

“Spee—Red Arrow,” he said, and it had to be bad if Ollie was actually respecting the codename change. He continued, “You know I’d never ask आप to do this normally,” which was a complete and total lie and they both knew it.

Roy crossed his arms. He glowered harder, because clearly Ollie wasn’t getting the message.

“I’m not your babysitter,” he कहा through gritted teeth....
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posted by Mclovin_69
The train stopped at a station, Willow and Wally got off, it was night time now and the only thing illuminating the station and streets were सड़क, स्ट्रीट lights. " आप should have got off before..." Willow said, " and just let आप go heck no " Wally said, Willow tried hard to put a smile on, " the justice league will find आप and take आप back आप have to know that " Willow कहा gazing up at him, " if they do im not leaving unless they bring आप too " Wally said. Willow smiled trying to hold back a blush, Willows attention was directly turned to a bird, a raven to be exact, she looked at it sitting...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Robin gapsed and sat up clutching his head, he looked around and saw he was somewhere in the Arctic, he looked beside him and saw Sound Barrier, " Sound Barrier are आप ok?" he asked chattering his teeth, " yeah... but do आप know where we are?" she asked. Robin didnt know where they were so he couldnt tell her. " Robin!, Superboy!! Kaldur?! anyone there!" a voice shouted it was Meagan, " Meagan!! where are you" Joy asked in mind link, " i-i dunno but boy am i glad to hear आप guys आप guys must be close though our mind link isnt too far where are you?" Meagan said, " try telling us i dont...
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posted by robins-gfriend
 Until अगला Time
Until Next Time
A single beam of light shone on a silver chair in the middle of a dark space.

In the background the sound of foots steps moved to the chair.

A young girl in a black बरसती, लबादा with an oversized हुड, डाकू sat down.

“Hello, It’s only Eclipse here don’t worry I will make this a sort goodbye but I have met आप here in a अंतरिक्ष between dimensions to tell आप some sad news, I have noticed the number of OC’s in लेखाए so I have decided to”

She stopped for a moment

“I have decided to रद्द करें The colours of Eclipse, I know some of आप will be wondering why and have mix feelings but to me young justice...
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posted by Robin_Love
A warm sensation over took her. It spread all throughout her body. Her fingers moved an her toes wiggled. She cracked her neck and stretched. The needles left her body and the हेलमेट fell away from her head. She opened her dark brown eyes and they glowed an amber color. A ripple of amber light spread throughout her cell and she was free from her tank. The door of her cell opened and she went towards it. The alarms had been silenced द्वारा her magic and no one was around to see her. The magic had also released the others being held captive. With a smile, she entered one of the many rooms belonging...
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K so this is a text convo between me and my frand Kaitlyn. She hates Young Justice and the subject came up and it was worth posting
Kaitlyn:wher r u?
Me: y do u needs 2 noz??
K: jw (just wondering)
Me: stalker.....
K: look whose talking
Me: im on mars w. the robin and were making out to selena gomez
K: ahaha thats great
Me: robin is sexy
K: ya know it girl lok
Me:hes got mooves like jaggar
K: लोल im sure he does
Me: hes sexy and he knows it
K: true दिन hehe
K: लोल ok whatever
Me: wut? U to good 4 my robin?
K: yup
Me: how dare u insulf dick grayson
K: no i didnt...
Me: yus u did u कहा u were ro good for him
K:well im to good for every guy so yeah
K: nooo
Me: dick grayson is fucking sexy
K: no but if u think that ok
Me: it not an opinion its a fact
K: whatever u say
M: then say robin is rhe sexiet member of yj
K: nooo
M: u non beleiver
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Kidflash sped around and punched a guard with a gun in the face knocking him out, Robin threw two of his bombs at two other guards chasing him. In the Gotham city dumpyard the team was fighting Vertigo and his henchman, Artemis shot at a group of guards making them fall to the ground, In the ship Vertigo was hiding in a henchman came up to him, " Sir our guards are being knocked out द्वारा the सेकंड we must retreat", " Hmmm..... maybe its time i step in.." Vertigo responded and began to laugh, " call the rest of the injustice league, the team of these young wannabe heroes". The guard shook his...
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posted by Mclovin_69
" Now shall we shock container 5" Joker कहा while beggining to laugh with enjoyment from the teens torture. Before Joker pressed the button Wally कहा " Wait!, आप promised that you'd
use the antidote if i agree to शामिल होइए your team!" , Joker stopped and said" fine.... if this makes आप shut up!" and put antidote gas in Artemis's container. She coughed and fell unconcious. " now back to the shocking", Wally screamed in pain but he knew that if Artemis remembered and hated him she wouldnt शामिल होइए the injustice league. " hmmmm, might as well wake up archer girl" Joker कहा and shocked her container....
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posted by Robin_Love
Recognized: Becca B06
The computer's voice rang out above the hum of activity that surrounded the mountain; usually it was quiet considering they weren't ever there. But Becca walked in with a smile on her face and hands on hips.
“What's the special occasion?” she asked, red streaked black hair dripping into her brown eyes.
“Only the biggest thing ever!” Wally exclaimed as he stopped to give her a side hug.
“Oh? And what would that be?”
“It's our one साल anniversary as a team!!” Megan gushed.
She floated over and hugged Becca before grabbing the girls hands and twirling them both...
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posted by Skittles98
Red ran to the bars and attempted to pull them off.
“Let me take care of that” I shot a couple beams of darkness at the bar and they broke apart. We ran through to the hole. Cheshire and some guy in a metal mask were running along the roofs to a helicopter. I made a flat disc for Artemis and Red to stand on. They got on. Megan and I flew.
“Okay, आप two shoot, Megan, आप play defense and I’ll keep आप guys in the air.” I ordered. The archers shot ऐरो after ऐरो at the targets, but they seemed to have no affect.
“Megan, use आप telekinesis to keep them in the air. I have a job to...
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Made द्वारा यूट्यूब user DarkShadowAlchemist2. The song is "Battlefield" द्वारा Jordin Sparks. Enjoy!! :D
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