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1. No चॉकलेट या sweets for Becca and Willow, even if they do the puupy dog eyes ( Wally, Robin, Superboy )

2. Doing the cinnamon challenge will not be done in the mountain या put online ( Wally, Lucas )

3. Locking Artemis and Lucas in a closet and not letting them out until they admit their feelings for eachother is not allowed ( Wally, Willow, Phoebe)

4. No टिप्पणियाँ will be made on Willow saying how crazy she is for liking Wally and being his girlfriend( Artemis )

5. Do not say sarcastic things as a joke to make fun of Bullet, no lame jokes either( includes आप Wally )

6. Wally no whinning over not getting your cuddle time with Willow, dont be too clingy.

7. Trying to play pin the tail on Wally या Astreous will not be allowed ( Lucas, Artemis, Becca, Phoebe )

8. No touching anything in Andrews room when he is gone, including inventions and gadgets that look cool ( im looking at आप Wally, Lucas, Becca, and Willow )

9. No boys in the girls rooms after 9:00 ( Wally )

10. No putting on a sportsmaster या cheshire mask and hiding in Artemis's room at night ( Wally and Lucas )

11. No playing the game say uncle ( that goes for everyone )

12. Just because Wally is a ginger and it is hug a ginger दिन doesnt mean आप get to hug him ( only Willow gets to )

13. No touching या hugging Phoebe unless आप want to die ( only Aero gets to )

14. No beating on Wally if he upsets Willow in any kind of way ( Becca, Phoebe)

15. No sexest jokes are to be made about either gender.

16. When Wally says something like this " i used to not eat as much but then i took an ऐरो to the knee " doesnt mean that he gets an ऐरो in his knee ( Artemis, Aero )

17. Listening to Willow गाना in her room या in the शावर, शॉवर is not allowed ( goes for everyone)

18. Phoebes pet blackbird Roulette is not a pinyatta.

19. no playing spin the bottle ( Wally, Lucas any boy )

20. No one is allowed to try robins uniform on and run around because of his cape (Becca)

21.Wally no waiting outside Willows bathroom door when she is taking a shower

22. Joy, Meagan, Supeerboy, and Melinda no listening in on private conversations या पढ़ना peoples thoughts.
posted by Skittles98
Not mine! This लेख is Property of Bat-dove on Fanfiction.net

Wally's not the most लोकप्रिय guy. Not in school, not on the team, not as a hero, not anywhere. So what happens when he is suddenly swarmed द्वारा people?

'Ah face book,' Wally thought to himself, 'One of the most ridiculous yet useful things on the internet. It helped remind people of events that they were bound to forget, make फ्रेंड्स they may never meet, and start fights that might have never existed.'

He himself rarely used it. He had one, but it seemed like a waste of time. But if he had been on face book, he would've known not...
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posted by DaPeople316
When we got back to the cave I went to my room to get some rest. I lied down on my बिस्तर staring into space.
A while later max came in and sat down अगला to me.
"what?"I said.
"how did आप end up here?" max asked.
"ummmmm. Not really shure. I guess I just beat up some bad guy and बैटमैन came up to me and here I am." I replied. "What about you."
"Same here" max said.
I smiled, but my smile faltered.
"So what did happen to the others?" I asked max.
She sighed and कहा "I don't really want to talk about it right now."
I nodded."That's fine." I sighed.
Judging द्वारा the look of loss and guilt in her pretty brown...
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posted by DaPeople316
I threw up a force field and shouted "this force field lets out but not in."
Me, Artemis, and Robin took down the aliens. We got to the control room were a particularly large ugly horse headed beast was torchering a kid around my age. 
"So this is your last sight of earth before I destroy it."the beast teased.
"I doubt that Seth." the boy said.
"Why is that Daniel?" Seth retorted "you can't do any thing to stop me."
"There's no way number six could do that"Daniel कहा "and besides theres some one behind you."
He turned around and saw us, he momentarily loosened his grip on the kid. Daniel broke...
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I was doing paperwork when Kate came in the study room. “Rachel, why aren’t आप ready!?” She sounded angry. I kept लेखन while I answered her question. “What do आप mean?” She started tapping with her feet on the ground. She was angry, now she is pissed off. “The Charity-party? आप begged on coming with me. Ring any bells?” Shit, I knew I did forget something. “I even had to ask the person who organized the charity party if आप were allowed to come. He laughed at my face and said: Of course she allowed but she will get quiet bored.” I finally looked up. Kate was wearing...
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posted by Robin_Love
“How'd आप know?” Robin asked as he helped Becca settle into her room at the mountain.
“About आप being Robin?”
He nodded, hanging one of few pictures Becca had to the wall. She laughed a little and he moved to sit on the floor beside her.
“Please. Any good detective would have realized it, which proves I'm the only good one. Robin showed up at Batman's side not very long after Dick Grayson was adopted द्वारा Bruce Wayne. Robin is a skilled कसरती, जिमनास्ट and fighter. So was Dick Grayson. Robin can hack through any computer and is always on his toes. So was Dick Grayson. Robin was always able...
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posted by Skittles98
When I got to the mission room, nobody was there. I looked around. Nothing.
“Hello? Anyone there?” I called. Suddenly, arms of steel grabbed me around the waist and around my mouth so I couldn’t speak. I fought the grip, but it wouldn’t budge. A gag was placed over my mouth and hand cuffs were placed on my wrists. I was dropped onto the floor, and then a yellow gas filled my face. My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim. I saw looking Robin looking down on me. The rage that followed was enough to clear the air around me of the yellow smoke. I fought my hand cuffs with all my might....
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